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Gwangju Metropolitan City in South Korea is a dynamic and vibrant destination for international students seeking educational opportunities, professional growth, and unique experiences. In this blog, we’ll explore Gwangju through three exciting themes: “Study in Gwangju,” “Work in Gwangju,” and “Fun in Gwangju.”


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[Study in Gwangju]

1. Chosun University:
    • Chosun University is a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence.
    • Most Famous Major:
      (Culture and Arts) K-Culture Performing and Planning ; Cartoon Animation ; Visual Design, etc
      (Sports) Sports Industry ;  Taekwondo ; Performing Arts Dance ; Physical Education, etc
    • Admission Benefits:
      Chosun University offers scholarships specifically designed for international students, including tuition fee reductions and financial aid programs.
    • International Student Programs:
      Life: Experience Korean culture every semester, free health check-ups for international students ;  CSU Global Supporters (SNS operation by language and international student support activities)
      International Student Bird’s Guide (Buddy) Program every semester ;  Operation of employment and career programs
    • https://eng.chosun.ac.kr/eng/index.do

2. Chosun College of Science & Technology:

      • This university specializes in science and technology fields.
      • Most Famous Major:
        Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Artificial Intelligence.
      • Admission Benefits:
        Scholarship cards according to TOPIK grades are paid at the time of admission, and students who received level 5 are now fully enrolled.
        Two-thirds of tuition fees will be paid if the qualification for the previous semester is 3.5 or more and 4.0 or less; full tuition fees of 4.0 or more will be paid.
      • Exchange Programs: N/A
      • https://www.cst.ac.kr/

3. Chonnam National University:

        • Chonnam National University is a well-established institution with a global reputation.
        • Most Famous Major:
          Business Administration, Environmental Science, International Relations ; Artificial Intelligence Convergence ; Self-designed Interdisciplinary Studies
        • Admission Benefits:
          Undergraduate newcomers: TOPIK Level 5 or higher (full tuition exemption for the first semester), TOPIK Level 4 (full tuition exemption for the first semester)
          Graduate newcomers: TOPIK level 6, Global Scholarship (recommended by colleges), SRS (Strategic Researcher Scholarship: Selected from among those recommended by Chonnam National University’s prospective professor) ☞ Scholarship benefits are the same as a full exemption from tuition for the first semester.
        • University Specialization Field:
          Korea’s first AI convergence university was established in 2019 to foster outstanding talents in new industries, specializing in AI-related convergence education. The Graduate School of Data Science was newly opened in March 2022 to operate a curriculum to cultivate future talents required by the AI industry convergence complex in Gwangju and Jeonnam and the AI future strategy industry in Korea.
        • Exchange Programs: N/A
        • Remark:
          Two sessions of Korean classes are provided for all international students free of charge. The Language Education Center offers various levels of Korean language classes and programs for international students and foreign residents of Korea in general.
        • https://global.jnu.ac.kr/jnumain_en.aspx

4. Donggang University:

          • Donggang University is committed to fostering creativity and innovation.
          • Most Famous Major: Engineering – 100% employment guaranteed when entering engineering
            AI Convergence Mechanical Engineering ;  AI Drone Department ;  AI Future Automotive Division ;  Restaurant Cook Bakery ; K-beauty art department
          • Admission Benefits:
            Scholarships include a 30% reduction in tuition fees for foreign admission scholarships ; 200,000 won in incentives to achieve attendance ; and up to 600,000 won in incentives for each topic class
            Dormitory fee reduction (up to 20%)
          • Exchange Programs: N/A
          • https://www.dkc.ac.kr/


[ Work in Gwangju ]

Gwangju, often referred to as “Korea’s Silicon Valley” , is a hub for AI development and innovation. The city hosts factories of renowned companies like KIA Motors, offering numerous job opportunities in cutting-edge industries. The city’s forward-thinking approach makes it an ideal place for career growth and professional development.


[ Fun in Gwangju ]

Gwangju isn’t just about academics and work; it’s also a city filled with exciting attractions. Discover the famous KPOP idol street, explore shooting locations from the Netflix drama “Doona!,” and visit the hometown of BTS member J-Hope. Gwangju’s blend of culture, entertainment, and natural beauty promises an unforgettable experience for residents and visitors alike.


In conclusion, Gwangju opens its doors to international students with a rich educational environment, promising careers, and a vibrant cultural scene. Whether you’re pursuing higher education, seeking job opportunities, or looking for an exciting adventure, Gwangju has something exceptional to offer.



[ Gwangju FAM tour video ]

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