K-pop Music Shows in Korea every day of the week!

K-Pop Music Shows in Korea Everyday!



When can I see each show?


Monday: Arirang Simply K-pop

Tuesday: SBS K-pop ‘’The Show’’ (get your tickets with us!)

Wednesday: Show Champion

Thursday: M!Countdown 

Friday: Music Bank

Saturday: Show! Music Core

Sunday: SBS Inkigayo (not guaranteed that you get tickets, they select randomly)



Get tickets for SBS The Show with us!


But… What exactly is a K-Pop Music Show?


A K-pop music show is basically a live broadcast/recording of comeback stages. At the end of the show the winning group will be announced depending on which song got the most votes by fans. The MC’s of the shows are also K-pop artists themselves and it changes once a year most of the time. There’s always more than one MC for the show. Most of the time there are two or three idols together for each program. If one MC is sick or they have a busy schedule at the time, another Idol can be the MC for one or a few more episodes to replace that idol. 



If you like to watch these music shows and you’re in Korea, it is also possible to visit them! You can buy tickets for some of them and see your favorite idols performing their new songs. Some music shows are harder to get in because they will select some people randomly.



If you want to support your favorite idol on a music show like that, you can vote for the song through the app of the music show. At the end of their performance, all the idols go on stage and they will reveal the 1st place based on all the sales, streams, votes and more. So make sure to vote for your faves so you can help them win! 




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