Instagram Photo spots in Seoul Tour Review

Are you looking for awesome photoshoot places in Seoul? This tour may be a great solution for you, especially if you are traveling with a group of friends! For an affordable price, you can get an English speaking driver who will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation and a bunch of different places. So bring your heavy cameras, equipment or luggage and enjoy this Instagram Photo Tour!


Spot 1 – Pick up and head straight to the Hanbok Rental Store!

This store is HUGE with so many different Hanbok styles and colors to choose from! We took our time and tried on a few dresses before doing our hairstyle (for free!), there is also a locker to keep your clothes in if you’d like to use. After fixing ourselves we just jumped in the car to head for our first photo spot.



Spot 2 – Deoksugung Palace!

Deoksugung Palace is so pretty!!! Especially during the fall, you can get some great colorful shots with a palace in the background as well!

Spot 3 – Cafe with a view at Bukchon Hanok Village

Next spot we went to was a small pretty cafe that had a few floors, on the rooftop we got to see a great view of all the traditional Korean houses (called Hanok houses)! We spent some time drinking coffee, talking and posting some pictures on Instagram.




Spot 4 – The Best Bukchon Photo Spots

Bukchon Hanok Village is quite big and you may miss a few hidden spots if you ever go alone so we were so fortunate to be able to visit all these spots! A little walking up a hill required to see the famous view of Seoul!






Spot 5 – Time for Lunch!

We got some free time to enjoy lunch! There is a lot of Korean food nearby and easy to order, most places have an English menu because there is quite a lot of tourists in this area, so no need to worry! Plus KoreaTravelEasy will recommend some Instagram-worthy restaurants for you!


Spot 6 – Return your Hanbok

We went back to the rental shop to return the hanbok and accessories. We put on our normal clothes and went back into the car to go to the next spot!

Spot 7 – Haneul Park Or Bukak Skyway!

About Haneul Park

Depending on the season you can go to either Haneul Park or Bukak Skyway. Haneul Park was once a landfill but the government decided to transform it into an ecological park. Now the Silver Grass festival (aka Eulalia or pampas grass) that is held every autumn (in October) is one of the city’s most popular events. We took so many pretty pictures even though the weather that day was cloudy our friend had some nice photo filters that made us and our surrounding look brighter and great!


About Bukak Skyway

Bukak Skyway is known as the most beautiful driving route in Korea! The road is forested by thick greenery with a few sneak peek sights of a fantastic Seoul view. Once you arrive at the top of the mountain you will see an octagonal pavilion (Palgakjeong). Here you can see the whole fantastic panoramic view of Seoul city! A lot of locals and tourist come here for a relaxing time and to take great photos. You can also enjoy a traditional plaza in the middle of the forest. Other facilities available are resting area, observatory, walking trails, cafe, snack bar, restaurants etc.


Pic: Haneul Park



Pic Bukak Skyway


Pic: Bukak Skyway pavilion 

How to Book

This Instagram photo Package tour is easy to book, just click HERE

Best parts? This package includes Pick up from your accommodation and drop off in either Hongdae (great nightlife and trendy places) or Myeongdong (famous shopping street with a lot of street foods at night).


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