POP CULTURE TOUR – A Private Car and Driver Trip to Busan!

This trip is designed for younger people who love to take great Instagram photos, see famous pop cultural spots and just enjoy walking around a lot! There is, of course, great food places everywhere including stopping by a famous market where you can try Korean street food! If you like this trip you can book it by choosing POP CULTURE TOUR in this Busan product. It’s really a comfortable and affordable way to travel in a small group of friends! So here it is the POP CULTURE TOUR:

1 First Stop Songdo Beach & Skywalk

Songdo Skywalk is a really great place with LOTS of photo spots not only along the cool Songdo Skywalk, but also if you take the cable car ride to the top of the mountain you can walk around and enjoy the view of Songdo. Strongly recommend to check out Songdo Beach as well because it’s a less crowded beach where you can enjoy sunbathing or a nice walk.


Songdo Skywalk


2 Second Stop: Gamcheon Culture Village!

Famous for being a colorful village on a mountain. There are a lot of painted wall murals as well as cute and artsy stores. There are some yummy street foods and lots of cute cats around this area as well. Make sure to get a map of this place so you don’t miss the famous photo spots like the little prince, the lighthouse, best view spot and more!




3 Third Stop: Gukje Market

Time for some street food and shopping! Gukje Market is one of Koreas largest markets. Here you will be able to try famous Korean foods like Tteokbokki, kimbap, Korean Pancake, Korean pear and much more!




 4 Fourth stop: BIFF Square! (Busan International Film Festival) 

If you love Korean movies you have probably heard of the famous Busan International Film festival? Well the BIFF Square is a 428 meter-long street where they hold the festival every year. Just like in Hollywood you can see celebrities handprints on the ground as well as fun film-related statues, paintings and more!

5 Last stop: A beautiful view and sunset at Yongdusan Park

Enjoy this last stop at Yongdusan Park! Go up the famous Busan Tower to see the amazing view at sunset. You won’t regret it!




Like this Day Trip? How to BOOK!

Click on this POP CULTURE TOUR to book this exact Busan Trip! You may change places, add a tour guide or ask us any other questions you may have. We would love to help you design your dream trip! 😀

For Cruise Trippers

For those taking a cruise trip and have a 6-hour layover, you can purchase a Private Van Service for Busan, Korea. Please pick 2 places you would like to go to and request it to us at the same link above and below. Please also check if you need a visa for your layover with your local Korean Embassy or cruise company. KoreaTravelEasy does not assist in any Visa services.

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