PANCAKEPIXIE | Things to do in Seoul: 1 day trip to Gangneung by KoreaTravelEasy

Yesterday I went on a fun filled trip to Gangneung, which is located in the Gangwon province. If you watch the Kdrama Goblin, you would know that Jumunjin it is the area where they filmed the movie.

I booked the trip via KoreaTravelEasy, which has many unique travel tours such as Making your own Fresh Korean Cheese and tickets to see shows and concerts. With a huge variety of choices, you can easy book itineraries for your whole family or couple dates on the tour. I chose the 1 day trip to Gangneung because it allowed me to go to 6 different places in one day!

The pickup point was between Myeong dong or Hongik university station (Hongdae). After getting on the bus at Myeongdong (8am), i fell asleep. The entire journey took 3 hours so despite the early hour pickup, you can catch up on your sleep on the bus.

Place 1: Gyeongpo lake 

Fancy a ride?

The place had rental shops where you could pay to ride on the bicycle. It cost 20,000KRW for an hour of leisurely cycling along the river outline. The entire place had a romantic atmosphere to it. It would be great to cycle with your partner here, along with all the other couples by the river.

Gyeongpo lake was a huge piece of blue. Each time the wind blew, the surface of the water trembled. It was the perfect place to unwind.

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