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Korea may have an image of being a foodie and shopaholic heaven but Korea is not all about shopping and eating.  Korea is on a peninsula meaning there are 3 sides surrounded by water: lots of stunning ocean side and beaches and the weather is great in the spring and summer for some outdoor activities!

Winter is almost over now and we want to introduce you to a great place to go in Spring when you are in Korea.

In the south of Korea, there are amazing beaches on Geojedo (Geoje Island)  in the south side of Gyeongsangnam-do province. Geoje Island is the second largest island in South Korea, right after Jeju Island. Geojedo is located near Busan, making it easily reachable, by public transport.

Geoje Islands-sea01

Geojedo is also home to some of the most popular places to visit in the South Sea, namely Haegeumgang, Hakdong Mongdol Beach and Oedo Paradise Island.

Geoje Islands-Oedo

Oedo has become a very popular spot due to the more than 3 000 decorated trees, along with the Mediterranean style buildings which reside on the island. The island has also become a popular filming destination for Korean dramas, because of the exotic atmosphere and clear sea the island has.

Geoje Islands-spring

Spring comes down south early and average temperatures are also much warmer with maximum temperatures ranging between around 14 to 20 degrees Celsius during the spring.

It is a beautiful this time of year with a multitude of Korean cherry blossoms, daffodils, tulips, camellia and other flowers adoring the breathtaking coastlines and multitude of islands. It is definitely a must go for those who want to experience the natural sceneries in Korea!

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Our partner Waegook travel is an expert in this field and they manage a few guest houses on Geoje Island and have been organizing special tours since 2005. They offer you the best prices and highest quality travel services.

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The next tour coming up is the AMAZING MAY WEEKEND GETAWAY TOUR on May 3 (Wednesday) – 6 (Saturday), 2017  

Imagine a great weekend with the highlights below.

  • 3 nights Wahyeon beachfront accommodations in shared guest houses that fit 5-12people. There are also private room options.
  • Round trip transportation from main cities (Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, etc…) and all the transportation to and from the activities
  • Join 5 amazing tours during the weekend   
  • Take part in exciting adventure activities like sea kayaking around an island, ride your ATV through a lush forest with spectacular sea-views, spend an amazing time at Sea World and or the Maritime and Fishing Folklore Museums, hike to Gonggoji now in full glory, view an array of islands and famous landmarks through binoculars or your camera lens at Wahyeon Observatory, go back in time at the bamboo forest and fortress at Gujora, visit one of Korea’s top attractions Oedo Botanical Island and much more!
  • Selected meals : Breakfast/Brunch daily (4 times), 2 times mouth-watering Lamb, tender Beef Steak BBQ with Creamy Potato Salad and other assorted salads (Halal & Vegetarian Options Available for all meals)
  • Enjoy the evenings with great music and free cocktail Beach Parties after the BBQ dinner


KoreaTravelEasy’s recommendation is the sunset cruise. Those of who have been say it is an experience of a lifetime. Experience the beauty of the sunset over unique cliff formations.

Geoje Islands-ATV

Geoje Islands-Sunset


A. Booking Waegook Travel’s Beach House:

If you inquire now and book through KoreaTravelEasy, you will get the Third Night FREE when you book 2 nights consecutively! For example, you can book Friday/Saturday and get Sunday free!

B. Tour Discounts: Get KRW 10 000 off the current price at time of booking.

Remember to Book through KoreaTravelEasy and there are many more EXCLUSIVE discounts from breakfast to tour discounts! ASK US ABOUT GEOJE ISLAND TOURS to us now!

See the video trailer above for to preview for the excitement and see this link below for more details of the upcoming spring tour here:




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