KoreaTravelEasy Honest review: INSPIRE ME KOREA – The ultimate korean culture subscription box


Hello all Korea lovers! Ever thought that there is a way to be in the know about Korea’s trends, food and receive Korean goodies regularly to your doorstep? We want to introduce you to a really unique subscription gift box service for Korean products!


You can experience Korean culture through Inspire Me Korea , a UK-based startup by enthusiasts for everything Korean. Their signature product is The Inspire Me Korea CULTURE BOX.  This is a Korean subscription box specially curated Korean products and other surprises every month!


Each month is themed and in the box, you will receive popular Korean food/snacks, picks of the best Korean beauty, unique KPOP and/or culture merchandise and an educational Korean language, culture and trends magazine.


Since the theme changes every month, with a flexible subscription plan, each month you will receive a surprise from Inspire Me Korea and this makes the perfect gift for yourself, family or friend who also loves Korea! Usually the contents are kept a mystery, but for those who can’t wait to know what may be inside, subscribers can see sneak peeks throughout the month which will be sure to keep you excited about the arrival day of the box!  It is very convenient to start: The payment is easily done online and international shipping is offered!


The KoreaTravelEasy team was really delighted to see what was in the box – it is jam-packed with Korean goodies from snacks, beauty products, cute gift items and more. What really impressed us most is the CULTURE MAGAZINE that is included each month. In the full-colour magazine, you can see news about what is hit and trendy in Korea, get travel tips and advice, as well as interviews with people in the Korean culture scene. There is even a section where you can learn fun and useful Korean language. For example, we learned from the February Valentine’s Day edition, how to say :  “You make my heart skip a beat! “(Answer is : “너는 내 심장을 멈추게해 “ Neo-neun  Nae Sim-Jang-Eul Meom-chu-ge-hae ☺ )

inspire-me-korea-heart chalkboard4


In the upcoming month of April, the theme is COOKING. Who doesn’t like Korean food? ☺  And this is exactly Inspire Me Korea’s aim: to introduce a huge part of Korean culture through food. The box you will receive will be full of Korean goodies and feature an introduction to Korean cuisine, the history and trendy foods in Korea, interesting stories about Korean cutlery, recipes of the month and useful language phrases to use in a restaurant or in general conversation.

The box is a great way to encourage trying to cook Korean food at home and to try new Korean dishes. It also makes an excellent gift for Mother’s Day which is just round the corner!

inspire-me-korea-Whats in your box

Also, other than the subscription box, Inspire Me Korea offers one off BEAUTY boxes and TASTER boxes, the BEAUTY box is just focused on amazing best-selling Korean skincare products and the TASTER box is a lower priced box to give you a taste of the subscription boxes.
All in all Inspire Me Korea is a unique service and a great channel for Korea fans to enhance their culture knowledge and a great gift idea to someone who loves Korea. Subscribe now at www.InspireMeKorea.com to receive your box!



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