The RakYat Post | Overcoming language barrier when planning travel to South Korea (KoreaTravelEasy)


SEOUL, 12 Sept 2016:

Planning a free-and-easy trip in South Korea isn’t exactly simple despite the plethora of global travel sites which offer airline ticket and hotel bookings.

While there are many advisory articles from seasoned travellers as to what can be found on well-trodden paths. lesser known and newer attractions are often missed – mainly due to the language barrier as information on the latter is usually in the Korean language.

To address this lack of updated and useful information, a new Korea-based travel portal has been set up to bridge the language barrier.

Korea Travel Easy is a one-stop online travel booking platform for ‘free & easy’ foreign travellers visiting South Korea.

It was founded by travel enthusiasts who want to promote Korean travel with affordable and locals recommended ‘free & easy travel’ products.

The need for such a service was discovered when the portal’s founders had trouble helping personal foreign friends plan trips to South Korea.

Despite the many recommendations, they realised that South Korea is not exactly ‘free & easy’ friendly for foreigners due to language barrier, online payment policy issues, etc.

To overcome this headache, the travel portal offers multilingual support – English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian and French, among others.

A fully-integrated booking portal, Korea Travel Easy also offers entertainment and admission tickets, private car rentals and guides, airport transport, accommodation, tours plus information on the latest and most popular places to go, see and dine at.

This travel portals founders were among the many entrepreneurs from South Korean and beyond who briefed a global meeting of business potentials organised by Aving News Media during the ‘2016 Made in Korea’ conference in Seoul recently.

With its extensive network of media partners, Aving News Media is a leading global organisation made of local media outlets around the world which focus on rising technology and business potentials.


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