Seoul Festa 2023
Seoul Festa 2023 KPOP Opening Concert April 30th

What is the Seoul Festa 2023?   This is a cultural and tourism festival representing Seoul, that includes various programs for you to experience Seoul’s unique trendy lifestyle, such as K-pop, performances, shopping, and cuisine. Starting with the K-POP opening concert, you can enjoy a diverse range of experiences throughout Seoul, including Gwanghwamun Square, the …

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Private Van Services in Korea: Your Own Tour Personalized – Seoul, Busan, Nami Island, Jeju and more

  Traveling in Korea?   We have the perfect option for you: customize your own tours and get to enjoy your very own Korea with us!   At KoreaTravelEasy, we offer several private van services for you to easily enjoy from any location in Korea without having to worry about transportation or locations, you can …

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8 Korean Travel Tips

There are hundreds of things you should know before traveling to Korea. But eight of the most important ones revolve around learning the intricacies of the culture. This will include things like basic words and phrases as well as etiquette around politeness, shoes, respect for seniority, dining, drinking alcohol, tipping and the general attitude of …

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KoreaTravelEasy Seoul Tourism Plaza
KoreaTravelEasy new office at the Seoul Tourism Plaza

Foreign visitors to Korea has taken quite a dip due to the pandemic. In response, the nation’s capital has opened a new center to serve as a hub for the city’s tourism sector.   Kim Yeon-seung introduces to us the Seoul Tourism Plaza. Once the landmark of Seoul and the country’s tallest building until 1985, …

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'To All the Boys' Always and Forever filming locations to visit in South Korea
‘To All the Boys’ Always and Forever filming locations to visit in South Korea

Hello, from Korea! Are you guys excited for the upcoming movie To All the Boys: Always and Forever? 💖   The release date will be on February 12th, 2021 on Netflix, just 2 days before Valentine’s Day! Just like what the movie poster states, “you never know where love will lead you”, Lara Jean (played …

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Traveling to South Korea 2021

Like the rest of the world, South Korea is working to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Different measures of social distancing have been put in place since last year. So how is South Korea doing right now?    South Korea is currently at a level 2 to level 2.5 social distancing. While traveling to South …

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Your Essential Guide to Subway-Hopping Around Seoul

Seoul is beloved by travellers around the world for many reasons and one of it is how easily accessible the city is, connecting Seoul to other major cities including Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and Daejeon. With over 10 lines, it can be confusing at times… but fret not, that’s what this post is all about!

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The Best Weekend TempleStay including a cooking class Review

Have you ever experienced staying up in the mountains, meditating, eating delicious healthy food and just relaxing in nature? We had a wonderful TempleStay thanks to KoreaTravelEasy. This 2 Day 1-night Weekend package is quite luxurious and well worth the price, I will explain why. In short, all of this was included: They pick you …

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The Best way to spend 4 or 5 days in Korea!

  Are you planning a weekend trip with your friends or family to Korea? Wondering what is the “Must see places”? Well, no worries we have a great and flexible solution for you! This is our Best 4 Days 3 Nights OR 5 Days 4 Nights Korean Trip: DAY 1 – ARRIVE IN SEOUL Airport Transfer Whether you …

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Things to do in Han River – Cruises, boat rides or water skiing and wakeboarding!

You may know that the Han river is famous for its great view, and its many activities around the river such as picnics at the parks, bicycle rentals, and paddleboats! But did you know that Han river has more to offer than its paddling swan boats? Here is a list of fun activities you can do …

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