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Our Partner – Professional Foreigner Travel Agency ‘Tour08’

Greetings Travel Lovers! Here we are going to introduce you to a tour package that is made by our partner “Tour08 Foreigner Tours”.

They are the Gangwon-do representative Travel Agency and therefore, this package is made to show and introduce the hot places and popular destinations of two famous cities of Gangwon-do Province, Gangneung & Jeongseon.

Check out the video to get a taste of this exciting tour package!



Have you ever been to Gangwon-do?

▲Credit from: Gangwon-province web page


  • Gangwon Provine located in the eastern part of Korea. There are Yangyang international Airport, Wonju Airport, and 2 ports. and also have Seoul ↔Gangneung(Gangwon province) KTX(Train).


What is included in Tour 08 trips?


Tour Gongbang Co., Ltd. or (주)여행공방 (commonly known as Tour08)
is a registered Korean Travel Agency based in Yongsan, Seoul.
  • In general, most tours include transport, accommodation (if overnight trip), 2 or more meals, experience and entrance fees as well as the guide and operation fees.


What kind of tour in Gangwon-do?



Activities & Tour Locations

*All photos Credit from Tour 08


Jeongdong Simgok Sea Puchae Road

Sea Puchae Road

✔ Jeongdong Simgok Sea Puchae Road



✔ Wolhwa Street & Central Market & Lunch Time!


✔ Anmok Coffee Street


pink muhly

✔ Gyeongpodae & Pink Muhly


✔ Boksokkot village Cup Making Experience


✔ Jeongseon 365 Happy Village (Dinner Time)


Tin Carriage Experience

✔ Tin Carriage Experience


Surichui Rice Cake Making Experience

✔ Auraji Lake & Surichui Rice Cake Making Experience

Jeongseon 5-Day Market

✔ Jeongseon 5-Day Market & Lunch Time


Jeongseon Arari Village

Jeongseon Arari Village

✔ Jeongseon Arari Village


Byeongbangchi Skywalk Jeongseon Byeongbangchi Skywalk Jeongseon

✔ Byeongbangchi Skywalk



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