7 Beautiful hidden places in Jeju Island

Want to see less famous places in Jeju? These places are for you who love nature, less crowded areas and want to take amazing photos. You can pick a few places you want to visit and easily make a custom Jeju tour here by writing your requests in the special request box.

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Exploring the West and East side of Jeju Island!
Top 3 must-do for your Jeju island tour


Hidden places on the West side of Jeju

Hwansang Forest Gotjawal Garden!

The Hwansang Forest is a beautiful private forest with a small entrance fee. We recommend going in the morning for a calm, mystic feeling. The best time to visit is during the spring or summer.



Jun Itami’s – Bangju church

This stunning church is a great work by the famous Japanese architect Jun Itami. It’s a real church open to the public except at church service hours. The location it stands on also gives you a beautiful view of the island. For people who love design and architect, this is a must stop by!


Yongmeori Beach “dragon head beach”

Yongmeori Beach is a place where Sanbangsan Mountain stretches into the ocean and it looks as if a dragon’s head is going underwater. It’s a great trekking course with a view of the sea. The cliffs have unique formations which may interest photographers. And you may also be able to spot the famous women sea-divers of Jeju who sell sea cucumbers and stroll on the road along the seashore. To see the Yeongmori beach and Sanbangsan Mountain there may be a small entrance fee.



Hidden places on the East side of Jeju

Gimnyeong Seonsegi Beach

It may not be a famous beach but it has a beautiful scenery of cobalt-blue clear waters, white clean sand, and black volcanic lava stones. Great photo place and popular with fishermen who enjoy rope fishing from the rocks!


Saryeoni Forest Path

Saryeoni Forest Trail is quite popular among tourists who enjoy hiking and nature. The majority of the trees growing here are Japanese cedar. The forest trail is well-protected and is definitely a place to recommend for people who want to hike and take lovely photos. To get that extra magical feeling, the best time to go would be in the morning and it’s especially enjoyable if it’s a bit foggy! Free to enter.




Jeju maze land

Maze Land is a theme park with the world’s longest stone maze -5.3km in total length! It’s a fun activity for friends or family! It also has been featured in a Running man episode (famous Korean variety program). We also recommend to check out the maze museum which shows the history of mazes starting from their origin in the 14th century. During the museum tour, visitors can also participate in fun activities such as puzzles and games. To enjoy Jeju Maze Land an entrance fee is needed. More info on their official website: www.mazeland.co.kr


Eco Land Theme Park

Eco Land is a really big Theme Park build in the Gotjawal forest. Here you can hop on a cool 1800’s steam-powered lookalike train and explore! These Baldwin train look-alikes were specially ordered and manually manufactured in the UK. In this Gotjawal forest with railway trails, you can see a variety of plants, animals, and insects living in the forests. It also has a nice lake and you can take a walk, enjoy a picnic and take great photos! You can also enjoy the Eco Bridge, Eco Windmill, Picnic Garden, Kid’s Town, Eco Road, Bare Foot on Scoria, Floating Café, and artworks. To enjoy Eco Land an entrance fee is needed. More info on their official website: ecolandjeju.co.kr





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