Aving News (ENG) | Choice of Global Media, Made In Korea TOP 3 Opened (KoreaTravelEasy)

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Eight global media and AVING NEWS selected superior three companies each at Global News Network AVING NEWS’ ‘Made In Korea’ event. Each media considered their outstanding performance, trend and promising.

Vietnamplus selected Cellus-one, Coffeega, mLab, Yesky from China chose Finenetworks, Orfeo, ATNS and Xinhua Network from China gave the honor to SBN, Windowmate and AhnInternational. Female Daily from Indonesia chose Cham-Zone, Cosmo Monster and HanK.

ARCTICSTARTUP of Finland selected Insight Power, Baud and Porden Tech. The Rakyat Post from Malaysia chose Korea Travel Easy, ML Information and Technology, Nock. Pronews from Japan chose Crazy Cam, X-Jip, The VR. TechnoBuffalo from U.S. selected Formers Farm, Baud and JE&K Science. AVING NEWS selected Game Duck, Mobidu and Riceclay.



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