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Top 6 Must-Try Street Foods in Busan

Busan is known as the 2nd largest city in South Korea after Seoul. This beautiful port city not only attracts tourists by its poetic natural scenery and abundant shopping locations, but also by its attractive street cuisine.   So which special street foods should we go for in Busan? Let’s explore Busan culinary culture with …

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all year round festivals cover
All-year-round List of Korean Festivals (Part 1)

Traveling to Korea in any season, you can participate in many festivals organized in different regions and at different times of the year. From culture, entertainment to nature-themed festivals – these festivals are meant to make you fall in love with this beautiful country!   Festivals in Korea are not only fun and entertaining but …

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Ink incheon kpop concert 2020
2020 Incheon KPOP Concert (INK Concert)

The date for the 2020 Incheon KPOP Concert (INK Concert) – one of the highest-grade K-pop concerts organized by the Korea Tourism Organization, has been announced! 🤩 This year’s INK concert will be held at Munhak Stadium in Incheon City on Oct. 10! Are you ready to join this amazing K-pop event?   2020 Incheon …

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lotte world vs everland blog cover
Which Themed Park is Better? Lotte World or Everland?

Everland and Lotte World are Korea’s most famous and biggest amusement parks. Choosing between the two parks can be a real tough question to visitors who don’t have enough time for both. If that’s your case, let us help you with some quick comparisons! 😎 If you are still wondering about which park among these …

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walkinh places blog cover
10 Walking Places in Seoul That Will Heal Your Soul

In the middle of the busy city of Seoul with highways full of traffic, there are still peaceful areas that contain many interesting things just for pedestrians. Follow our steps to explore 10 famous walking areas in Seoul! 👣 If you are living/travelling in Seoul and wanna find a space to calm your soul after …

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10 Must-buy Souvenirs That Best Reflect Korean Culture

South Korea attracts tourists not only by its poetic natural landscape, but also by its unique culture with a great variety of art forms and cuisine. So, what are the gifts and specialties that contain the essence of Korean culture that you should definitely buy as souvenirs? 🤔 In the following article, let us recommend …

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5 Best Cherry Blossom Festivals in korea

Among many spring festivals with different themes in Korea, Cherry Blossom festivals are always the most expected events, obviously because cherry blossom is considered the queen of spring 🌸 Check out the best 5 Korean cherry blossoms for your Spring bucket list!     P.S. Unfortunately, all the festivals mentioned below have already been canceled this …

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spring festival blog cover with text
5 Korean Spring Festivals 2020 – that prove spring is not only about cherry blossom

Surely the most expected thing about spring in Korea is cherry blossoms in full bloom. But don’t you know that beside cherry blossoms festivals, there are many other interesting spring festivals with different themes in Korea that you can enjoy?   For this upcoming spring, we would like to introduce to you some alternative choices …

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2020 SBS kpop Super Concert in Daegu – 1st LINE UP is announced!

2020 SBS SUPER CONCERT IN DAEGU 2020 Daegu Super Concert is finally announced !! This year SBS super concert line up is:  BTS / SF9 / THEBOYZ / ZICO / Cherry Bullet BOOKING PAGE is opened, please CLICK the below of this page!          The date for this amazing concert will be …

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Top 10 ranking spiciest food in Korea

Do you like spicy food?🔥 🌶 Are you willing to try spicy food for the first time on your trip to Korea? 🥵 Then you should know that Korean food could be fine-spicy but sometimes could be extremely spicy. 🥢 For this reason we made a ranking of the top 10 spiciest foods in Korea …

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