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Last week I went to go see the famous Nanta Show – a non-verbal musical performance – together with a friend. I have never gone to see a non-verbal performance before so honestly, I had no expectations. In the middle of the show, I realized why this show has been running for over 20 years and even in many countries! Anyone can enjoy this, the content and humor can’t really get outdated, and that is because the actors express themselves using hilarious body language, impress us with creative acrobatic moves and use kitchen utensils as musical instruments!

Nanta’s Storyline

The story is simple, a restaurant manager brings his little mischievous nephew and makes him a part of the NANTA family, which consists of 3 chefs, the funny head chef, an attractive female chef, and a hunky guy. The manager orders the chefs to prepare dishes for an unexpected wedding reception. They have till 6 o’clock to finish, with all the kitchen drama and playful games, can they complete the preparation on time?

Best Parts:

Interaction with the audience and getting up on stage: They sometimes let us be in on all the fun and because we had great seats the nephew chef pulled my friend up on stage for a dumpling challenge which was hilarious! they were 2 teams racing to get it finished first, my friends’ team lost unfortunately but we still got to pick up a photo as a souvenir/memory after the show! So if you want to be on stage make sure you buy good seats!


Comical moments: Without spoiling too much, I really want to say that the comical moments were personally my favorite. They have a very creative and skillful way to make the audience laugh. You will get to see funny facial expressions, teasing among the actors and them making a fool out of the audience.

Drumming and acrobatic skills: This surprised me the most. I did not expect them to perform so well. They made music using knives and other kitchen utensils! And they showed some fighting, throwing dishes and some dancing! 

Show Details

Locations: Hongdae Nanta Theater and Myeongdong Nanta Theater

Showtime: 1 hour 30 min

Fun fact: This is Korea’s longest-running show in a theatre. Nanta combines the rhythms from Korean folk songs with modern music, creating a non-verbal performance that’s accessible to an international audience.

Recommendation: If you are in the Hongdae area on a Thursday night, take some rest from walking around and enjoy this Nanta show before going out to enjoy Hongdae’s nightlife which attracts a lot of youngsters.

*Nanta at this special price is really a steal because usually, it’s much more expensive and even more so overseas!

How to Book – PROMOTION (LIMITED TICKETS) during May 2019

Choose S-seat, any date you want to go see the show and book it fast! There is only a limited amount of tickets for this incredible price so the promotion may end early!

BOOK the Nanta show in HONGDAE here

BOOK the Nanta show in MYEONGDONG here

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