(Coming Soon) BTS Army Tour to Jeonju-Wanju at premium Hanok Stay Soyang gotaek – K drama and K pop spot (2D1N)

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Experience the Magic of BTS in Jeonju-Wanju: Premium Hanok Stay at Soyang Gotaek

Experience a premium local tour blending K-tradition and K-wave in a memorable Hanok Stay (Jeonju, Wanju 1 night 2 days). Discover the magical story of BTS in Jeonju/Wanju: Introducing an unforgettable journey at Soyang Gotaek, a premium Hanok estate.
Soyang Gotaek spans approximately 4,000 square meters and is not only a filming location for K-dramas and commercials but also a contemporary facility that alleviates the discomforts of traditional Hanoks.
It offers a café, bookstore, and various cultural spaces, making it a popular Instagrammable spot among Korean MZ generation.
Follow in the footsteps of BTS’s 2019 Summer Package shooting locations and feel a deep connection to BTS’s K-POP legacy. This isn’t just about K-pop filming locations; you’ll immerse yourself in beautiful Korean culture and natural landscapes, exploring over six new places. This premium ALL-INCLUSIVE tour tailored for foreigners includes transportation, meals, and language support to ensure a comfortable experience.

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Highlights :

Experience the unique blend of K-tradition and K-modernity – see, eat, and experience naturally as you immerse yourself in Korea’s charm.

  • K-Culture (Hanok) Experience
    Not just a stay, but a journey through the history and stories of traditional Joseon-era Hanoks relocated and preserved in Soyang Gotaek, now equipped with modern facilities and offering a range of cultural experiences in a multi-functional cultural space including cafés and bookstores.
  • K-food Experience
    Enjoy visually appealing and tasty experiences at Soyang Gotaek Hanok, including traditional Korean breakfast and tea made from locally grown fermented foods, and a modern interpretation of Korean dinner paired with traditional Makgeolli cocktails.
  • K-pop/drama Filming Location Tour
    Follow the influential filming locations of BTS and K-dramas in Wanju (Awon Gotaek, Wibong Fortress, Osungje, Soyang Gotaek) and Jeonju (Alcohol Museum, Dreamland, BTS dining spot).
  • K-Local Experience
    Engage in famous activities the local way with a differentiated premium experience: wear Hanbok in Hanok, explore Jeonju Hanok Village, try traditional liquor, and enjoy Jeonju royal court cuisine and Wanju local food.




1. Soyang Gotaek (소양고택) only at KoreaTravelEasy

Embark on a mystical sojourn at SoyangGotaek Hanokstay, a treasure tucked away in the vibrant Wanju. Experience the allure of FlickerBookstore, where each visitor is greeted with our special tea and bespoke tips for local jaunts. Relax in the peaceful embrace of DubheCafe, where contemporary finesse fuses with the soul of tradition, amidst the splendour of our garden that blooms year-round.
Their authentically preserved Joseon Dynasty Hanok, accredited by the Korea Tourism Organization, seamlessly marries ancestral aesthetics with contemporary comforts. Revel in the calm haven frequented by stars and KPOP luminaries like ParkHyoShin, WINNER, BTS, and LeeNaYoung. In the so-called ‘Switzerland of Korea,’ every corner promises a snapshot to cherish.
This is also the K-drama shooting location, that you will be able to see in the coming up K-drama. 
Savour the exclusive floral tea, artisanal bedding that mirrors our blossoming garden, and a breakfast that’s a tribute to timeless practices and the zest of local gastronomy. Soyang Goteak Hanokstay isn’t merely an accommodation; it’s an odyssey to the soul of Korean culture.




2. Soyang Gotaek Special (소양고택 스페셜) with KoreaTravelEasy


2.1. KoreaTravelEasyX Soyang Gotaek special Makgeolli Cocktail night

KoreaTravelEasy limited experience! Using Korean traditional rice wine “Makgeolli ” to create an amazing cocktail drink only for our customers!

 Korean-style appetizers will also be provided along!



2.2. Soyang Gotaek Korean family-style breakfast and welcome tea set

Are you curious about Korean family-style food? Here you can try an abundance of Korean breakfast!

When you check-in, you can also enjoy high-quality and fresh Korean welcome tea and fruit in season.



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[ Soyang Gotaek Accommodation rules ]

  • Pets and Commercial Photography:
    Pets are not allowed. Commercial and professional photography, including product shoots and milestone photography, are prohibited without prior inquiry.
  • Extra Guests:
    No additional guests beyond the booked number are allowed in the rooms.
  • Cleaning for Extended Stays:
    A complete cleaning and new bedding set are available for an additional fee of KRW 30,000 per set.
  • Room and Property Care:
    Guests are expected to keep all facilities, bedding, and equipment clean. Any damage or destruction will be charged at cost.
  • Fire Safety:
    The introduction of items that could cause a fire, such as candles, mosquito coils, and fireworks, is strictly prohibited.
  • Food Restriction:
    Simple snacks are allowed; however, red wine, large amounts of liquor, and outside food are forbidden.
  • Personal Safety:
    Guests are responsible for their own safety management, and any accidents caused by personal negligence are the guest’s responsibility.
  • Traditional House Features:
    Due to the architectural characteristics of Hanoks (traditional Korean houses), there is a possibility of drafts during winter. Guests sensitive to cold are advised to prepare warm pajamas and outerwear.
  • Noise Policy:
    Due to weak soundproofing in the century-old traditional house, guests are asked to avoid making noise after 9 PM.
  • Cooking and Smoking:
    Cooking and smoking are not allowed inside or outside the Hanok to prevent fire hazards. All rooms and spaces are non-smoking areas, and smoking can trigger the fire alarm system.
  • Loss of Valuables:
    Guests are responsible for their own valuables; please take special care to secure them.
  • Surveillance:
    CCTV is installed facing outdoors for guest safety and theft prevention.\
  • Pest Control:
    Regular pest control is conducted by a professional company; however, the possibility of pests cannot be completely eliminated, and no refunds will be given for such issues.

[ Tour Rules ]

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Cancellation Policy

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