Tongyeong Cabel Car or Luge and City One Day Tour – From Busan

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Both healing and exciting tour around Tongyeong City 

Visiting Tongyeong City – known as “The Naples of Korea” from Busan. You only need half a day to discover all the best attractions in the city. Enjoy a tour that includes both healing sight-seeing and exciting activities like a cable car and luge riding! and also discover Dongpirang Villag in one day.

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Tue, Fri
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Tour type
English & Chinese
Minimum pax
1 pax
Booking due
3 days
100% refund before 2 days
All ages
Meeting location
-KTX Busan Station Exit 1
-Seomyeon station Exit 12
-Haeundae station Exit 5
-English/Chinese Speaking Tour Staff
-Tongyeong Cable Car Ticket
-Luge Ticket (only Opt 2)
-Hotel pick-up and drop-off
-Meals and drinks
-Other personal expenses
-Travel Insurance


Discovering the Beautiful Coastal City Known as “The Naples of Korea”                        

Tongyeong is a port-town located on South Korea’s southern coast. The city is famous for its significant role in the maritime history of the country. The name “Tongyeong” means “command post”, which associated with the legendary Admiral Yi Sun-sin – whose principal base was located here. 
Nowadays, Tongyeong is a well-known travel destination, with a scenic coastal view of the sea and many islands. The city, with its spectacular natural landscape, mild climate and limitless potential, has long been regarded as the best marine tourism and fishing city in Korea. Local and foreign tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as to explore the local culture, from mural villages to delicious foods. Here are the tourist’s attraction sites including in this tour:


  • Discover the most famous attractions in Tongyeong City
  • Learn more about regional history and culture
  • Expert English/Chinese speaking guide
  • Have a healing time sightseeing
  • Enjoy thrilling activities like a cable car and luge riding
  • Convenient trip for people traveling from Busan

tongyeong jungang market

▲ Discover Tongyeong Joongang Market  – a busy traditional fish market that sells the day’s freshest catches.


Tongyeong Joongang Market 
With nearly 400 years of history, Tongyeong Jungang Market is a popular tourist spot in Tongyeong City which attracts tourists during both weekends and weekdays. Since the market is located near the coastline, fresh fish and dried fish constitute the majority of its products. Fresh fish and other seafood caught directly from the nearby clean water are so delicious that they would make you drool just by looking.  Visitors can also find handmade souvenirs made from mother-of-pearl, quilted products, and rice cakes at this market.


dongpirang village mural cats

▲You can take many beautiful photos with the colorful murals at  Dongpirang Village.


Dongpirang Village 
Located next to Joongang Market is Dongpirang Village. Back in 2007 when this working-class village was slated to be bulldozed, art students were encouraged to take matters into their own hands. With the help of the volunteers, the whole neighborhood was transformed into a popular art village filled with colorful murals, sculptures and art studios that are packed with tourists every weekend. There are also cozy cafes with a beautiful port view where you can enjoy a nice cup of drink while looking over Gangguan Port.


tongyeong cable car

▲ Go on a thrilling ride on a cable car in the mountain.


tongyeong cable panorama

▲This is the best way to view the whole Tongyeong city from above!


Tongyeong Cable Car
Tongyeong Cable Car, also known as Hallyeosudo Observation Cable Car, is the longest cable car in South Korea, stretching a distance of 1,975 meters. It is installed on Mireuksan Mountain at 461m above sea level and departs for the mountain’s peak. The city’s panoramic view as seen from the cable car is unlike any other! You can see all of downtown Tongyeong, as well as the Geojedaegyo Bridge. From this point of view, you can easily see why Tongyeong is named “The Naples of Korea”. After getting off the cable car, walk up to the mountain’s summit where you can enjoy the scenery on the observation deck.



people riding luge

▲ If the cable car is the best way to experience Tongyeong by air, the Luge is perfect for the ground!

Tongyeong Luge
Tongyeong Skyline Luge is located right below the Hallyeosudo Cable Car and is where you can experience a thrilling high-altitude ride as well as enjoy the beautiful panoramic coastline. If the cable car is the best way to experience Tongyeong by air, the Luge is perfect for the ground. Tongyeong Luge offers a fun-filled outdoor family-friendly adventure activity for everyone!





Price What is included

Option 1)

Cable car only

  • Transportation
  • English/Chinese Speaking Tour Staff
  • Tongyeong Cable Car Ticket

Option 2)

Cable car + Luge (3times)

  • Transportation
  • English/Chinese Speaking Tour Staff
  • Tongyeong Cable Car Ticket
  • Luge Ticket (3 times)

*Price is the same for adult and child
*Infants (under 3 yrs) are free of charge but no seat provided

What is not Included
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Meals and drinks
  • Other personal expenses
  • Travel Insurance


 Tongyeong City One Day Tour - Every Tue & Thu

8:20 am Depart from Haeundae Station Exit 5
8:40 am Depart from Seomyeon Station Exit 12
9:20 am Depart from KTX Busan Station Exit 1
11:00 am

Arrive at Tongyeong Joongang Market (Lunchtime)
and Yi Sun-Sin Park

1:25 pm

Leave for the Cable car and Luge

1:40 pm ~ 5:00 pm

Enjoy Tongyeong Cable car and Luge

5:00 pm Leave for Busan
7:00 pm

Arrive at Haeundae station

7:20 pm Arrive at Seomyeon station
8:00 pm Arrive at Busan Station

** Times and drop places may vary depending on traffic and local conditions.


  • Tongyeong Joongang Market
  • Dongpirang Mural Village
  • TongYeong Cable Car
  • Skyline Luge Tongyeong
Click the location marker () below for the direction on the google map

Pickup/Meeting Location

  • KTX Busan Station Exit 1
  • Seomyeon station Exit 12
  • Haeundae station Exit 5

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  • Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of departure. The tour bus will not wait for those who are late.
  • The itinerary is subject to change depending on traffic and weather conditions on the tour date.
  • Infants under 3 yrs are free of charge, but no seat available.
  • Please inform us if you will be bring along a baby stroller or wheelchair 
  • The same prices are applied for both adults and children (from 3 yrs)
  • Due to the number of people waiting for Luge, the returning time to Busan may be delayed.
  •  Additional information:
    -Cable Car: Min. height 85cm can ride with an adult. Min. height 135cm can ride alone.
    -Luge: 110cm or taller can ride alone
    **Children 85cm - 110cm in height can ride tandem with an adult
    **Child Doubling: Children 85cm - 110cm in height can ride in tandem with a full paying adult over the age of 16 years.

Cancellation Policy

  • 100% refund: 2 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
  • No refund: After 5 pm KST 2 business days before the selected date or No show 


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