Oh Rail Pass – Korea Train Ticket ( 3 or 5 days )

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Oh Rail Pass – free pass train ticket in Korea

The Oh Rail Pass is a great way to get around Korea’s local cities. If you are planning a trip outside of Seoul, it must be a perfect ticket. Plan your trip to Korea freely by choosing your desired date with a 3 days or 5 days ticket. You can freely pick and board the date within 30 days. It will be a good memory to experience a slow trip to Korea by train travel instead of KTX.

Short Information

Wed - Sun
(Closed Mon,Tue)
Depends on course
-Show mobile Voucher and exchange in the Train
-The train crew will check your ID card & voucher
Minimum pax
1 pax
Booking due
2 days
100% refund before 5 days
-Train ticket
-Seat (You can pay in the train)
: 5,000KRW
Please check the course & attention notice!
-This ticket only purchases foreign nationality.
-DMZ Train is not available for safety tour closed reasons.
-A-train & O-train is closed for one month due to train maintenance. (Closed: Feb 3 - Mar 6) 
-This ticket was sold out due to coronavirus.
We will update when we got the new update message from the organizer.


Take the Five Belt Tourist Train in Korea

A train ticket that can be used freely within 3 days or 5 days from the designated start date. Tour the various regions of Korea and enjoy the wonderful scenery.


  • Free Pass for 5 Belt Sightseeing Trains
  • 7 trains in total & you can ride the freely
  • unforgettable memories during the train trip


oh-railpass map


1)O Train: Central Inland Region Train (Closed: Feb 3 – Mar 6)

-Circulating 3 Provinces of the central inland region

O-Train takes tourists to the beautiful nature of Korea’s central inland regions (Gangwon, Chungbuk and Gyeongbuk Provinces). The interior of O-train symbolizes beautiful four seasons.




Course (Train stops):

Seoul → Yeongdeungpo → Suwon → Cheonan → Osong → Cheongju → Chungju → Jecheon – Danyang → Punggi → Yeongju → Bonghwa → Chunyang → Buncheon → Yangwon → Seungbu → Cheoram

Train Number: 

#4851, #4852



2)V Train: Baekdudaegan (M.T. Baekdu )Vally Train

-Korea’s first open-air train


V-Train is passing through valleys in Korea’s deepest mountains. It is featured with its exterior design of a white tiger in Baekdudaegan range and the interior design decorated in retro style in the 1970s.



Course (Train stops)

(Yeongju) → (Bonghwa) → (Chungyang) → Buncheon → Bidong → Yangwon → Seungbu → Cheoram

Morning train (08:50-11:01) stops indicated inside the parenthesis.

Train Number: 




3)A-Train: Jeongseon Arirang Train (Closed: Feb 3 – Mar 6)

-Experience the stunning view of Gangwon Province

The “A” in the train’s name comes from “Arirang”, a Korean folk song, listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Tourists can get a panoramic view of the region’s beautiful scenery through glass walls and windows.





Course (Train stops):

Cheongnyangni → Wonju → Jecheon → Yeongwol → Yemi → Mindongsan → Byeoreogok → Sunpyeong →Jeongseon → Najeon → Auraji

Train Number: 




4)DMZ Train : Peace Train (Closed)

-A peace-themed ride to the DMZ

DMZ has transformed itself from the symbol of war and division into a sanctuary of pristine nature. From Seoul to Dorasan in Korea’s northern border, this very special train heals the wounds of war and promotes peace, love, and unity.



Course (Train stops):

-Gyeongui Line: Yongsan → Seoul → Munsan →Uncheon → Imjin River →Dorasan

-Gyeongwon Line: Seoul → Cheongnyangni → Uijeongbu → Dongducheon → Soyosan → Yeoncheon → Sintanri → Baekmagoji

Train Number: 

– Gyeongui Line: For Dorasan , For Dorasan  

– Gyeongwon Line: For Baengmagoji, For Seoul




5)S Train: South Coast Train

– A tourist train connecting the cultural riches of  Southern province

S-Train enables tourists to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the southern coast and experience the local culture. A variety of performances and tea ceremonies are also available on the train.




Course (Train stops):

Jeolla Line: Seoul → Yeongdeungpo → Suwon → Cheonan ansan → Seodaejeon → Iksan → Jeonju → Namwon → Gokseong → Gurye-gu → Suncheon → Yeosu EXPO

Gyeongjeon Line: Busan → Gupo → Mulgeum → Samrangjin → Jinyoung → Changwon Jungang → Masan → Jinju → Bukcheon → Hadong → Suncheon → Beolgyo → Deukryang →Boseong


Train Number: 

– Seoul : #4873,#4874

– Busan : #4871, #4872


6)G Train: West Gold Train

–  A tourist train equipped with Korea’s traditional floor (on-dol) heating system and two types of foot spa machine.

West Gold Train takes tourists to beautiful destinations in 7 regions of the west coast. Tourists can enjoy the sunset and ocean ecology scenery. It’s also equipped with a foot bath café and Ondol-type cars, the world’s first Korean floor heating system, which allows a tourist to take a rest




Course (Train stops):

Yongsan → Yeongdeungpo → Suwon → Asan → Onyang Hot Spring → Yesan → Hongseong → Gwangcheon → Daecheon → Janghang → Gunsan → Iksan

Train Number: 









  • You must be used within the valid date.
  • How can counting 3day,5days?
    – You can freely pick and board the date within 30 days.
  • The seat is not arranged. (Standing ticket)
    If you want to purchase the seat, please ask to train crew. you can purchase on-site by the train crew.
    Seat assignment price: 5,000won (KRW) / per train, per seat
  • A capture image is not allowed.

**Please check the Train schedule HERE CLICK


O Rail Pass 
Course Price


Baisc Price

Adult: Original price was: US$80.00.Current price is: US$49.50.
Child:  Original price was: US$60.00.Current price is: US$31.00.


Baisc Price

Adult:  Original price was: US$95.00.Current price is: US$63.00.
Child: Original price was: US$75.00.Current price is: US$44.00.

What is included?
  • Train pass (3 or 5 days) within 30days
    - O, V, S(Depending from Seoul&Busan), DMZ, A, and G Train
** Attention
  • Adult: Over 13years
    Child: under 7 ~ 12years
    Under 0~6 years (71 months) is free ( You Must bring Passport) but Seat does not provide.

What is not Included
  • Seat
  • Meals & Drinks
  • Entrance fee


e.g1) A-train



8:35 AM Depart from Cheongrang-ri Station
12:18 PM

Arrive at Jeongseon Station

  • 12:30 PM Freetime in Jeongseon 
12:35 PM
  • Sky Walk
  • Rail Bike
  • Zip Line
  • Arirang Traditional Market
5:46 PM

Depart to Cheongrang-ri Station

9:00 PM Arrive at Cheongrang-ri Station


e.g2) S-train




8:04 AM Depart from Seoul Station
12:45 PM

Arrive at Yeosu Expo Station

  • 12:50 PM Freetime in Yeosu
12:35 PM
  • Rail Bike
  • Cable Car
  • Camelia Island
  • Hayng il am
5:45 PM

Depart to Seoul Station

10:25 PM Arrive at Seoul Station



e.g3) G-train




8:36 AM Depart from Yongsan Station
11:45 PM

Arrive at Gunsan Station

  • 12:30 PM Freetime in Gunsan
12:35 PM
  • Train Rail
  • Gunsan Modern History Museum
  • Movie Location
  • Dongguksa Temple
4:42 PM

Depart to Yongsan Station

7:57 PM Arrive at Yongsan Station

Pickup/Meeting Location

Train Time Table 

-The timetable can be changed by a train situation. Please check the correct schedule from the Korail website. HERE CLICK



1)O Train: Central Inland Region Train (Closed: Feb 3 - Mar 6)

2)V Train: Baekdudaegan (M.T. Baekdu )Vally Train




3)A-Train: Jeongseon Arirang Train (Closed: Feb 3 - Mar 6)

*A-Train -> Auraji Time changes (from Mar 2~)

4)DMZ Train: Peace Train (Closed)

5)S Train: South Coast Train

6)G Train: West Gold Train

How to book

After login, fill in each option; add items to the cart on the right. You can add multiple items in your cart and pay in one payment. We accept all major international credit cards and Paypal
You will instantly receive the order receipt by email. The confirmation voucher will be sent to you within 2 business days of booking, subject to availability. If you have not received it yet, please check your SPAM email or MY ACCOUNT on our website.
Enjoy your activity When redeeming your activity, print out or show the confirmation voucher email from your mobile device.


  • This Ticket cannot purchase Korean nationality. If Korean nationality person in your group, please contact us-> info@koreatraveleasy.com
    We are not responsible for any penalty caused by breaking the rules.
  • You have to bring your ID (Passport, ARC , etc..)
  • This ticket is not included Seat. If you want to purchase the seat, please ask the Train staff.
    You can buy the ticket from the train staff. (Ticket price: 5,000won (KRW)/ per seat of the per train)
    **But Seat is not available at New year day (Jan 1st), Lunar New year (Seollal), Chuseok.
  • A capture image is not allowed.
  • If you lose your ticket, they will not be able to reissue it.
  • A-train & O-train is closed for one month due to train maintenance. (Closed: Feb 3 - Mar 6) 
  • You can check the train schedule HERE CLICK

Cancellation Policy

  • 100% refund: 5 business days (by 5 PM KST) before the selected date.
  • 80% Refund: 4 business days (by 5 PM KST) before the selected date
  • No refund: or date change after 2 business days (5 PM KST) before the selected date.


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