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Do you have a strong interest in Korean history and love to travel?

Then, Andong Hahoe Village Admission ticket 🎁New Year Present 🎁 is perfect for you! KoreaTravelEasy coupon includes a free entrance ticket and not only. You will have the opportunity to discover the village during an exciting online tour! Only 100 COUPON available! Be sure to get yours before they’re gone!

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What you can get with this Admission (Free Coupon for Limited stock) 

  • Andong Hahoe Village Entrance Ticket (valid until Dec 31, 2021)

  • 60minutes Online Tour with Influencer in Steaming Live (TBD, Jan 2021) – more info below

CHECK OUT what expects in Andong in the video below 

Are you looking for a new city in Korea that most people don’t know well?

If you are a Korean history and culture lover, you cannot fail to visit Andong. In particular, we would like to introduce you Andong Hahoe Village, which represents the spirit of Andong.

On top of that in January(TDB), KTE’s famous influencer will teach you how to enjoy  Andong Hahoe Village at its fullest with an exciting Online Tour! Let’s travel together again!


📙From now on, let us show you some TIP to fully experience Andong Hahoe Village! Are you ready? 

Andong is the location of Joseon’s Yangban Village

Andong Hahoe Village Tour

Andong Hahoe Village is a Yangban family village founded in the 16th century during the Joseon Dynasty. You can see here Hanok that are over 600 years old, and you can also enjoy an overnight experience, called Hanok Stay. ╰(*°▽°*)╯There are currently 150 families living in the Hahoe Village ~ This is amazing! 

Do you know what “Yangban” means?  This terminology is used to indicate aristocratic families in Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910)


Queen Elizabeth of England & Crown Prince Andrew was in Hahoe Village 

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Andrew in Hahoe Village

Queen Elizabeth was looking to visit the most historical and cultural assets of Korea during her visit in 1999. Hahoe Village was a perfect choice and also the Queen really enjoyed the short trip. 20 years later, in 2019, Prince Andrew also visited the village and also assisted at a traditional ritual in a Shrine. 


Hahoe Village Electric Cart 

Andong Traditional Cart in Hahoe Village

At the village entrance, you can rent an electric cart, traditional design and eco-friendly technology coexist and helps you to explore the area easily.  

Each cart can ride up to 4-5 people at a time, cherish the fresh breeze all day!


Buyongdae Observatory (filming location of K-Drama Kingdom)

Buyongdae Observatory Product Page

Hahoe Hanok Village is surrounded by a unique wall…  (Can you guess why it said that..?)


Unique Craft Souvenir & Traditional Experience

Andong Souvenirs

Andong has a long history of the craft, don’t miss to stroll around the village’s shop and grab your special memento!  Did you ever see a korean traditional swing? You can find it in Andong


Hahoe Pyolshingut Village Mask Dance & Their Characters

Andong Mask Dance

Only in Andong, you can meet the masks that were designated as a national treasure. Anyone who enters Hahoe Village can watch the mask dance for free. To learn more, visit the World Mask Museum at the entrance to the Hahoe Village. Get to know all the 11masks and the story of the traditional play, which one will be your favorite? 

**IMPORTANT! Due to Covid-19 safety measures, the Mask Dance Performance have been suspended until 28th February 2021**

Finally, but not least, If you want to SEE, EXPERIENCE & LIVE Andong Hahoe Village with us …

Don’t Miss the upcoming Live Streaming! Let’s have FUN in Andong together!

each product

Andong Online Streaming Tour!

(scheduled to open in January, date to set based on Covid-19 prevention guideline)

Travel in Andong Hahoe Village with KoreaTravelEasy’s Famous Influencers in Live Steaming (60 minutes)

Partecipate to the online tour and test your knowledge of Korea history during the ❓ Quiz Time ❓

Only the  Winners will receive a special prize! 

Andong Transportation  

1) KTX Korean speed trains are the most convenient and easy way to travel in Korea and now arrives also in Andong 

    NEW! KTX service between Cheongnyangni and Andong in Seoul from January 5, 2021

    ⏰Time required: Cheongnyangni Station (Seoul) – Andong Station: almost 2 hours 

    💸Ticket Fee: from 25,100 won (about $20) 


2) Private Driver — if you need your own private car, please contact to info@KoreaTravelEasy.com 

For more detail : Private Transportation


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Andong Hahoe Village Admission Ticket

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  • Andong Hahoe Village Entrance Ticket (valid until Dec 31, 2021)
  • Live Streaming Online Tour (TBD Jan, 2021) with Influencer
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  • Full Name on the Coupon MUST match your official ID (Passport or Alien Registration Card)  
  • You should use the coupon until December 31, 2021

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(Limited Free Coupon) Andong Hahoe Folk Village Admission

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