SBS MTV The Show K-Pop Ticket Package (Every Tuesday)

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Would you like to meet your favorite K-Pop Idols?


Want to see how Korean Music shows are recorded?


Our MTV’s SBS The Show tickets are the simplest way for you to experience a live K-Pop recording. Just purchase the entrance tickets with us, show up at the SBS Prism Tower every Tuesday at 5:30 PM, and we will take care of the rest.


No waiting in line, no confusing Korean instructions. We will get you directly seated and inside for you to enjoy the show.


Every Tuesday
3 hrs
Show mobile Voucher
2 days
8 days
Above 10 years
(Children under 15 years must bring Guardian)
Entry Ticket
- It is every Tuesday but can be canceled by SBS at any time.


**Officially Cancelled Dates 2023**
– March 7th, 21th
**Sold Out Dates 2023**
– March 14th, 28th
– April 4th,11th,18th 
Would you like to meet your favorite Korean Celebrities directly at the scenery where they perform every Tuesday?

Join MTV SBS The Show every Tuesday and become part of the program!
  • See a K-pop music show recording: See your favorite stars, old and new, up close and in person!
  • Experience K-pop lives in Korea:  Feel the energy and speed of a live show in progress!
  • Get tickets to a Kpop recording in Korea: We do all the work for you! Just show up and we will get you in the studio. Don’t worry about speaking Korean or not understanding the process


Come to The Show and find out the is the winner every Tuesday!




What is MTV’s SBS The Show?


Global fans pay attention! With global stars! The Show is All about K-pop!


The Show’s main goal is introducing global real-time fan voting for the first time in music broadcasting, as it has been upgraded to a music program that overseas fans can also live with! Every Tuesday during the program, the main character of ‘The Show Choice’, which the world is paying attention to, will be selected.


Don’t miss the chance to become part of one of the best K-Pop Music Recording Programs!



Scheduled Artists

  • The schedule is typically finalized one month before the recording date.
  • Due to the artists’ schedules or adjustments by SBS, changes and cancellations can even occur at the last minute on the recording day.
  • KoreaTravelEasy is not responsible for any schedule changes or cancellations.


Price/per person What is included
  • Entrance Ticket to Live Taping of SBS MTV The Show at SBS Prism Tower
  • You have to be 15+ to enjoy this show
    10 ~15 years old children must join with a guardian.
  • Please be punctual, there will be staff from 16:20 PM at the Prism Tower Lobby!
    If you don't come by 17:00 pm, it is considered a no-show, and you won't be able to enter.
  • Seats are distributed on a first come first served basis once at the location. 

**What is not Included

  • Transportation to/from SBS Prism Tower.
  • Studio Tour / Personal Guided Commentary.
  • Personal Expenses.



4:30 - 4:50 PM

Arrive to SBS Prism Tower Studio
- Digital Media City Station (Line 6 & AREX), Exit 9

5:00 - 5:30 PM

Meet KoreaTravelEasy Staff
- Seat arrangement

6:00 - 8:00 PM

Enjoy SBS The Show Live
- Line-up is not confirmed until the day of the show and can change at any time.

- No bathroom breaks, exit, or re-entry during the show.*


NOTE: If you don't come by 17:00 pm it is considered a no-show, and you wont be able to enter.



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Enjoy your activity When redeeming your activity, print out or show the confirmation voucher email from your mobile device.


  • Please arrive on time, you cannot enter to the studio once the door closes at 17:00 PM.
  • There is no re-entry or exit during the taping, so please use the restroom before entering the studio.
  • Guests are responsible for their own transportation to and from the studio, please plan ahead for traffic and any delays.
  • Due to artists and studio schedules, scheduled recordings can be canceled or shortened.
    KoreaTravelEasy, our tour operators and staff are not responsible for any sudden, shortened tapings, delays or cancellations due to SBS or the artists.
  • If your selected date is canceled by SBS, you will receive a 100% refund.
  • Water and snacks are not included, please prepare some food or drinks if necessary.
  • Please write your contact number with the Country code in 'Special Request' (ex) +82 10-1234-5678
  • Unfortunately, we are very sorry but the facilities at The Show venue are not wheelchair friendly.


  • 100% refund: 8 days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
    e.g: You can get a refund up to 5 pm on Monday, a week before the show date (Tuesday) 
  • No refund: After 5 pm KST 8 days before the selected date or No show

*To request a reschedule: please contact us 8 days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date.  

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SBS MTV The Show K-Pop Ticket Package (Every Tuesday)

  1. Jo*** S***     

    Loved it, MC were on the other side and some acts were pre recorded, we stayed after the show and saw some groups. Overall good.

  2. Lovisa Malin Vaeyrynen

    Lo*** V***     

    it was exactly how i expected it to be. had a good time. for someone who hopes to be very close to the stage this is not the right show for you. you’ll be very close to the mcs but the stage is a bit further away than a lot of other music shows. for someone like me who went there to see the mc it was great. since they were so close to us there where a lot of interactions. do keep in mind tho that most of the performances are pre recorded so the groups will just come up on stage for like half a song something, just to show up for the fans. through this site the ticket is more expensive than through a lot of other sites but i’d still recommend buying from here since the seats are better. (trazy gets the seats behind all of the other travel companies, but they are one of the cheapest i believe). why i didn’t give the experience 5stars is because i was a bit uncomfortable having like one of the organizers staring at me the whole time. i get that they want to keep us from using our phones but it was too much. every time i looked away from the stage i met eyes with someone staring at me, i’m not exaggerating. like i’ve been to so many similar events or whatever but i’ve never had anyone stare at me like that. there were a lot of foreigners there too so i don’t understand why i was being stared at like that. felt a bit like a criminal.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you so much for your opinion, we really appreciate it and will definitely consider your comments. We would like to apologize on behalf of the staff members in case they made you feel uncomfortable at any point. Please note that SBS is extremely strict with the usage of mobile phones or cameras so they have to always be alert. But we will seriously consider how you felt and think of a way to improve. Thank you!

  3. Ma*** A***     

    Hola como se que artistas se van a presentar en tal fecha? Ustedes tienen esa informacion?

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Hello! The line-up keeps changing so we cannot make sure, however you can check it up in the official SBS The Show website. It is usually updated a couple of days before the program is recorded 🙂

  4. Be*** C***   ドイツ 

  5. ha*** H***     

    The show was great. KoreaTravelEasy was a mess. The person with the sign showed up 30 minutes late and the sign was a letter-sized sheet of paper bearing the logos of 11 different travel services. The person holding it kept it clutched to her chest; I only figured out she was representing KTE because I walked up and asked her. Other travel services were doing a much better job of holding their signs high at the meeting place and being visible for their customers. I’d recommend going with one of those instead.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Dear, we are sorry to hear about your inconvenience, We, KoreaTravelEasy collaborate with a partner on the show date.

      We will investigate with the partner and will try our best to keep improving our service~!
      We really apologize about that.

  6. Guillaume OSTER

    Gu*** O***     

    What was nice : we get to see at least 15 bands during the 1h20 minutes of the show Need to know : it’s a live tv show so there’s actually no live singing, but playback. Some acts were prerecorded and we only get to see them on the screen What can be improved : we were asked to arrive very early but the crew was not there at the indicated time. And the logo was not visible on the sign (in the middle of many others) All in all a great experience though

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Dear, we are sorry to hear about your inconvenience, KoreaTravelEasy collaborate with a partner on the show date
      We will investigate with the partner and will try our best to keep improving our service~!

  7. Naqaa Redha

    Na*** R***     

    They did not let me in as I was in a wheelchair. But when I booked the ticket I asked for a wheelchair seat. Unacceptable

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Dear,  We are very sorry that the Wheelchair did not enter for the show. The reason was that the facility of the show venue may not possible so they did not let you in, 
      however we really apologize we did not inform you in advance  We did full refund and we will highlight on the product page for the prospective customers next time.
      Hope you understand. Again, we are so sorry about that and we will try our best to improve our service.

  8. Kar Lai Leong

    Ka*** L***   シンガポール 

    Very organised. Fantastic seats with good view of the stage & our seats are so near the hosts! We managed to interact with the kpop hosts!! Will look forward to next bookings on future visits.

  9. Kar Lai Leong

    Ka*** L***   シンガポール 

    Very organised. Fantastic seats with good view of the stage & our seats are so near the hosts! We managed to interact with the kpop hosts!! Will look forward to next bookings on future visits.

  10. Lu*** A***     

    Everything was fine! The only thing that I would have to point out is that the staff was more than 15 minutes late from 16:30, so we were a bit worried about the time, but at the end they arrived and everything went as planned. The rest is fine, it was just that mini inconvenient. Thank you!

  11. Ch*** L***     

    The staff was a bit hard to spot as they carried the sign with different logos for different agencies. But overall the experience was super fun and amazing!!! Thank you for organizing this! 🙂

  12. Ka*** N***     

    It was an incredible experience. Everything was very well organized and well explained by the staff. Thank you so much 🙂

  13. Namminh Phi

    Na*** P***   アメリカ合衆国 (US) 

  14. Namminh Phi

    Na*** P***   アメリカ合衆国 (US) 

    Great show! Staff was very friendly and helpful!

  15. Alina1 Topalis

    Al*** T***   ドイツ 

    100% recommend! Fast responses, well organized. I was very happy to have the opportunity to enjoy ” THE SHOW”. A great experience to see the all the Idols and behind the scenes you only know from Youtube. Would do it again!

  16. St*** P***     

  17. Se*** O***     

    The staff of KoreaTravelEasy helped a lot during the booking process. The show was perfect, the idols and mc’s were so close to us. Pro tip: check SBS the show twitter one day before the event to prepare for the lineup. The show is shot at Digital Media City, so you can walk before or after the show to enjoy local attractions.

  18. Leszek Wegrzyn

    Le*** W***   ポーランド 

    excellent !!!

  19. As*** D***     

  20. Alexandra Olstad

    Al*** O***   スウェーデン 

  21. Is*** T***     

    Great experience! Quite close to the stage since the recording studio is quite small. Staff is usually in front of the building. Response from the support is very quick.

  22. Th*** D***   フィリピン 

    It was a very fun experience. The staff were very nice and accommodating! I had some requests on booking and they were very nice to me and responded to me quickly. Thank you so much!! 😊

  23. Tr*** N***     

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your stars!
      have a nice day ^^

  24. Dianne Smith

    Di*** S***   オーストラリア 

    This experience was really good. The KTE staff were very friendly and we had seats right in the middle of the stage. We enjoyed the show with some really good acts on that night. However, just a comment for SBS. I realise it is a live show but we were disappointed that some of the anticipated boy groups had been stopped mid-performance which I can only assume were due to timing issues. Maybe they could have let them finish after the live broadcast was over. After all, it was a paying audience and we should have been able to see the completed performance by each act.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us. I will share your kind words with our staff 🙂 And I am sorry to hear you were disappointed with some of the parts in the show. SBS MTV is a live show for the audience but at the same time, they also record the show and broadcast a program recorded on TV. So that’s why SBS had timing issues at this time. I hope you kindly understand.

  25. wi*** c***     

    Greatest experience ever!it’s so so close to the stage and the mc

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      We do appreciated for taking time to post your review with 5-star! We are glad to hear that you had a greatest experience at MTV Show. Hope to see you again in the near future!

  26. Ya*** H***   ドイツ 

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you very much for your perfect score! I look forward to seeing you again in the nest future 🙂

  27. ko*** k***   フランス 

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you so much for 5-star! Hope to see you again in Kpop concert!

  28. Katherine Lee

    Ka*** L***     

    I attended the show w/ my child. I really enjoyed seeing the behind scenes of TV show taping. The lady from korea travel easy was super nice. I was a bit confused where to line up as no one was holding up signs but there was a huge crowd in waiting area & either you bought the ticket ffrom korea travel easy or trazy or another agency so if you asked anyone w/ a badge, they will help you find the right line. We got to see the MC’s up close & NCT dream Jeno looked like a greek statue, lol. The fan girls behind us kept going crazy over him. It was a fun experience & the 2 hours went by so fast, I couldn’t believe it was over. Definitely recommend if you like kpop. Only thing is that you don’t know what groups will perform until that day but I guess people who follow their favorite groups will know when their next come back is & try to match it up accordingly.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us review. We also appreciated share your experience with our travellers. We are glad that you enjoy this show! Hope to see you again in your next trip 🙂

  29. Ci*** J***     

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you very much for your 5-score! Hope to see you again in next trip in Korea!

  30. ga*** g***   フランス 

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      We appreciate your perfect rating. We hope you enjoyed the show!

  31. Lenka Babakova

    Le*** B***   チェコ共和国 

    Well organized and it was interesting experience.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for the kind words. We’re happy to hear that you had an interesting experience.

  32. Deanna Burgis

    De*** B***   カナダ 

    I had a lot of fun. I knew when I booked it way in advance that I wouldn’t know who was performing, but I still enjoyed the whole experience and atmosphere even though I didn’t know all the performers. But yeah, it was a cool way to get to know some new groups as well as enjoy the performers that I already knew and loved. Just to let you know though, some groups do pre-recordings and then don’t show up for the live show, or pre-record a performance that gets aired then perform on stage just for the audience (not aired), but sometimes when they do that they leave halfway through their performance. And then I found that for each artist that did two songs, one was live and one was pre-recorded, and in some of those situations they still performed the pre-recorded song on stage for the audience, and some didn’t.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review. Your detailed comment will be helpful to others. We hope to see you again in a near future.

  33. TA*** B***   メキシコ 

    Recomiendo este evento a los que están interesados en kpop. Podrán experimentar el cómo se graba un programa en vivo. El único pero es q no sabes que artistas te tocarán el día de tu compra de ticket. En lo personal no estuvo ninguno de mi interés.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your kind comments. As you told, this is best program for K-POP fans. We hope you can see your favorite star next time. Please do come again!

  34. Dawn Tucker

    Da*** T***   アメリカ合衆国 (US) 

    It was amazing!! I just wish that we could have been offered a chance to be on the floor but either way the show was fantastic!! I paid 300.00 us to see Monsta X in the US and this was a lot closer and more personal for a lot less!! Loved it!!

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I can feel how exciting it is. We’re striving to prospect for this kind of program. We hope to introduce you new program in the future!

  35. DA*** S***   コロンビア 

    I liked the experience very much. It was well organized, and everything was done at the announced time. I would have loved it even more if I had gotten standing spot close to the stage. I think my seat was too far from the stage and could barely see the idols up close as I wanted, but I really enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your detailed review! We are very glad to hear that you enjoy the show a lot. Seeing idols is special experience, isn’t it? We hope you have special memories for a long time!

  36. Karolina Livia

    Ka*** L***   ルーマニア 

    Loved this experience ♡ definetly would book again ♡

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your comments! We are glad that you had a great time at the SBS MTV The Show! We hope everyone can enjoy traveling in Korea!:)

  37. Vi*** S***     

    Loved the experience! It’s not the most popular show out there, but it’s really easily accessible and the price if good compared to other music shows! The hosts were really cool to see to! I made a foreign friend and could stand in the standing area which was really great. Not only you see kpop, but you’re in a live show and seeing the cameras were cool too. I will definitely try it again if I come back to Korea! Also, I contacted KoreaTravelEasy through their website because I ran into some problems and they were really kind for helping me out (and really efficient too).

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your comments and we are happy to hear your live experience from MTV Show. We can see that you were very excited and enjoyed the show a lot. We hope to see you again next time too.

  38. Marie POMEON

    Ma*** P***   フランス 

    Great show, my daughter cried out of joy. Great KPop stars!!!

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for sharing your experience! We are happy to hear that your daughter loved the show. We hope you can come to Korea again and see you again. 🙂 We are looking for more KPOP show product and hope you can come and see other KPOP show!

  39. Mihaela Petrova

    Mi*** P***   ブルガリア 

    Thank you for the amazing experience! You gave me the chance to meet so many idols, I still cannot believe it. The guides were really helpful. I even made other foreign friends. I just wish I was in the standing area but they told me I was too tall to be there since the camera is quite low. However, I wish I could go again. Thank you!

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for sharing your experience in MTV The Show! We can feel your excitement still here. We are currently looking for more Music Show to provide our customer with more chance to see K-POP Stars. Please come back again, we will try hard to find other Music Show for you!!:)

  40. Ken Galloway

    Ke*** G***   アメリカ合衆国 (US) 

    The entire experience was excellent. So many K-pop groups all in one live show. Their dancing skills left me breathless, how ever can they manage that? The event from start to finish was handled professionally. Seating was great, everyone had a clear and rather close view of the stage. Every performance was amazing. For a truly special k-pop experience in Korea, I can not imagine a better way to do it.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for sharing your experience! We are very happy to hear that you had a great time at the live show. Also, it is nice to know that you had a truly special k-pop experience in Korea. We hope you had a great memory in Korea.

  41. Rhiannon Baker

    Rh*** B***   イギリス (UK) 

    Brilliant show! We saw Wanna One perform and it was such a wonderful experience to see how it looks from behind the scenes 🙂

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Good day, we are glad that you get to see the wanna one performance! (Are they really good? 😉 haha We hope you enjoyed a lot! Thanks 😀

  42. Fa*** T***   フランス 

  43. More Reviews
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