(KTX train discount) Korea Korail -KTX unlimited – 2,3,4,5 day KR pass

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Discover Korea with KTX Unlimited Boarding Pass

Plan your trip and travel all around  Korea freely by getting unlimited KTX rides at an affordable price. KTX is a high-speed train, which connects Korean cities just within a few hours, and that’s why it’s popular transportation for not only foreigners but Koreans as well. Traveling by KTX you will save your time and by purchasing Korea Rail Pass (KR PASS) you will definitely save your money too.  Korea Rail Pass is quite flexible as you can board unlimitedly within your schedule. Depending on your needs, you can choose from different types of passes such as  Consecutive Pass or Flexible(Select) Pass then by booking your desired seat you can enjoy your trip without any hassle. 


Every day
Depends on course
Print you voucher
1 pax (Regular)
2 pax (Saver)
3 days
Conditional cancellation
Korea KR Pass Ticket
Please check attention notice!
It is only available for foreign nationals to purchase this ticket.


Due to adjustments in the operation of the KTX and regular trains, we would like to inform you of the reservation and ticket sales dates as follows.
Please refer to this information when planning to use the train:
  • Date of Operation: Tickets for journeys on or after September 1, 2023 (Friday).
  • Applicable Trains: All KTX and regular trains, including ITX and tourist trains.
  • Ticket Reservation and Sales Date: Starting from 15:00 on August 11, 2023 (Friday).



                               •  Don’t miss your chance to travel all around Korea with an affortable price. 


                                • Take advantage and enjoy Korea’s beautiful view  from the railway. 


                                 • Convenient routes starting in Seoul that operating on several different lines.



[ Train Pass Option (Flexible or Consecutive) ] 

1. Flexible Pass


  • This PASS is recommended to those who didn’t plan a specific trip.
  • The PASS allows you to choose between 2 or 4  days from the first date of commencement and ride train within 10 days of that date. 
  • Example : First ride on 2nd of August 2022 – 2nd ride on 4th of August – 3rd ride on 7th of August – Last ride on 11th of August  (Example is based on 4 Days Pass). 
  • From the date of reservation, it is valid for 10 days.


 2. Consecutive Pass

Consecutive Pass

  • It is ideal for those who wish to visit all parts of Korea.
  • This  PASS allows unlimited boarding on the KTX for 3 or 5 consecutive days
  • Example :  First ride on 2nd of August 2022  – 2nd ride on 3rd of August  – 3rd ride on 4th of August (Example is based on 3 Days Pass).
  • The PASS is valid for certain days (3 or 5 days) from your  reservation date. 


[ Group Type Option(Saver or Regular) ] 

1. Saver Pass

  • This PASS  allows you to purchase either the  Flexible Pass or  Consecutive Pass  at a reasonable price if you are a group of 2~5 passengers.
  • Boarding the same train is mandatory for all passengers.


2. Regular Pass

  • This Pass is for a Single Passenger


Korea KR Pass 

Train pass option Group Type  Price

Flexible Pass
(2 day)

Regular Pass
(Single Passenger) 

Adult: US$104.00
Youth : US$84.00 
Child: US$52.80

Saver Pass
(2~5 people only) 

Person:  US$96.80

Flexible Pass
(4 day)

Regular Pass
(Single Passenger) 

Adult: US$187.20
Youth : US$149.60 
Child: US$93.60

Saver Pass 
(2~5 people only) 

Person: US$179.20

Consecutive Pass 
(3 day)

Regular Pass
(Single Passenger) 

Adult: US$132.00
Youth : US$105.60 
Child: US$66.40

Saver Pass 
(2~5 people only) 

Person: US$124.00

Consecutive Pass 
(5 day)

Regular Pass
(Single Passenger) 

Adult: US$195.20
Youth : US$156.00 
Child: US$97.60

Saver Pass 
(2~5 people only) 

Person: US$187.20 

What is included?
  • Korea KR Pass Ticket
  • Take atvantage of either the  Flexible Pass  or Consecutive Pass to get on the KTX at the correct scheduled time!
  • Purchase Saver Pass  if you are a group of 2 ~5 passengers which includes either Select Pass or Consecutive Pass.
* Attention
    • Reservations can only be made 30 days prior to the usage day.
      **(For example) For the 15th of September, the earliest day you can book would be the 15th of August.**
    • Adult: 28yrs~
      Child: 6~12yrs. 
      *It will be the same rate in pricing  for childeren ages 13+ as for adults.
      *0~6 years old (71 months) are  free of charge  and seats are not provided (should share with parents).
    • Please make sure do not use characters such as  ''' ().  when you are inputting your passport name.


After login, fill in each option; add items to the cart on the right. You can add multiple items in your cart and pay in one payment. We accept all major international credit cards and Paypal
You will instantly receive the order receipt by email. The confirmation voucher will be sent to you within 2 business days of booking, subject to availability. If you have not received it yet, please check your SPAM email or MY ACCOUNT on our website.
Enjoy your activity When redeeming your activity, print out or show the confirmation voucher email from your mobile device.


  • This Ticket cannot be purchased by Korean nationality. If you have a Korean in your group, please notify us-> info@koreatraveleasy.com
  • You have to bring your ID (Passport, ARC, etc..)
  • Please make sure do not use characters such as  ''' ().  when you are inputting your passport name.
  • Please check the remaining seat at your preferred time and destination.
  • If you use illegally contrary to the effective use, you will be fined 10 to 30 times the normal fare.
  • Seats may not available during the New Year holidays, Lunar New year (Seollal), and during Chuseok.
    New Year's day (21st of Jan 2023 ~ 23rd of Jan 2023) and Chuseok (28th of Sep 2022 ~ 30th of Sep 2022)
    and before and after the date of those holidays, standing rooms and free seats may not be available to use. 
  • If you can not find an available seat, you are allowed to use KORAIL PASS as a standee.
  • If you purchase more than 2 tickets, you will receive a ZIP file with individual vouchers organized in one folder. 
  • Make sure to download and print the vouchers. Each person has to have with them their own printed vouchers (1 voucher per person). 
  •  Must bring a valid Korail Pass (Print), Passport, and Seat ticket (If you reserve the seat)
    If the ticket is sold out, you can board a train as a standing ticket and bring the Korail Pass and a valid Passport. 

  • If you lose your printed ticket voucher, they will not be able to reissue it.
  • A captured image is not allowed.
  • Age will be calculated based on the purchase date. 
  • It must be used by the same person only. You will not be able to use it if PASS name, country of residence and passport numbers are different.
  • Please note that reselling or lending to the third party is prohibited.
  • *Remember that we are not responsible for any penalty caused by breaking the rules.
  • There is no compensation for the delay or canceled train.
  •  Notice: Valid within 10 days from the reservation date (Date of the 1st Ride). For those who have purchased the "Flexible Pass" already, you can not purchase once again during the period which is not pass 10 days from the first open date. Please try to purchase after 10 days from the open date or a Consecutive pass.
  • Please make sure to put your name in the English alphabet only like the name on your passport when you place an order.


  • 100% refund: 4 business days (by 5 PM KST) before the selected date. 
  • No refund: After 5pm KST 4 business days before the selected date or NO show.

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(KTX train discount) Korea Korail -KTX unlimited – 2,3,4,5 day KR pass

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      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, we are very sorry for the inconveniences. We will surely consider your opinion and try to add clear instructions to make it easier for our customers. Thank you.

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