2018 SORIBADA BEST KMusic Awards KPOP Concert (Aug. 30)

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Are you ready to join the KPOP concert with the TOP Star Idols such as BTS, Wanna One, and TWICE?

This is a special change to meet your dreamed TOP Idols such as BTS, Wanna One, TWICE and Red Velvet, NU’EST W, AOA, MOMOLAND etc right in front of your eyes! The seats are limited and will be sold out quickly.  (only 10 seats are left now on the 2nd floor and not so many seats are on the 3rd floor as well )  Please grab this big chance!


The Soribada BEST K Music Awards to celebrate the best in K-pop music on August 30!

Fans from around the world are delighted with the release of the link-up of the 2018 Soribada Best Kpop Music Awards! The Soribada Music Awards to celebrate the best in Kpop music. Your K-POP idols right in front of your eyes! This year features K-POP stars: BTS, Wannaone, TWICE, Red Velvet, NCT 127, MAMAMOO, NU’EST W, AOA, Bolbbalgan4, Momo Land, Monsta X, Tae Jin A, Hong Jin Yeong, ERU! Book with KoreaTravelEasy now to enjoy this priority concert tickets!


  • Tickets will be sold out quickly! DO NOT MISS THIS BIG CHANCE!
  • The concert starts at 6:30 PM at the Jamsil Olympic Gymnastics Stadium!


[Seat Map]

2018 Soribada Best K-music Awards Kpop Concert seat map




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