K-Tour top 10 – Live Streaming – Gyeongju and Busan with guide Sunny Jang

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We are back Live Walking tour hosted by Guide Live K-tour Top10!

This time we tell you the tales of the most beautiful cities in Korea. 

Gyeongju and Busan are two of the most beautiful cities in Korea. Rich in culture, people, and also food! Gyeongju is more focused on history where you get to learn about UNESCO heritage tales while Busan you get to see amazing ocean views and how this city is revitalizing. Come and join us to find out why millions of people visit these two cities every year.


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What is K-tour Top10? 

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Three reasons to join K-Tour Top10 Tours: 
  • Discover some of the most beautiful cities in Korea with this new Live Streaming Tour.
  • Join a “unique experience” all around Korea from the comfort of your house.
  • Interact with our professional guides. Prepare your questions and feel free to chat with them.

Get to know our Guide

Travel with us to these places…
1. Gyeongju Live Streaming Tour – TASTE OF ART AND CULTURE

Gyeongju served as the capital of Silla (57 B.C ~ 935 A.D), the most historical city you can visit in South Korea. Gyeongju is referred to as “the museum without walls” because everywhere you turn you can find another site with a history background. 


▲ At the foot of Mt. Toham lies the most famous temple in Korea called Bulguksa, and it is here where the Gyeongju experience begins.


▲ By visiting the National Museum of Gyeongju and walking into a Cheonmachong Tomb (Tomb of the heavenly horse), certainly provides tools to assist in imagining the city at its glory days.


▲ When the sun goes down and darkness fills the air, Donggung and Wolji pond come to life, with some lighting, and many loved ones take evening stroll around the site.


▲ A young and lively crowd rushes to Hwangridan road for meals, drinks, and more.


2. Busan Live Streaming Tour – PLACE OF CREATIVITY

Busan is revitalizing and self-improving better than any other city in Korea. It is the second biggest city in South Korea, Busan port serves as the main door to the ‘West’. 


▲ Old coastal railway has turned into a new attraction near Haeundae beach and hip places like the Bay101 Yacht club, Marine City has become a new happening place.


▲ Then through Gwangan Bridge which connects to the original city center, walking through alley by alley in 2 old-style markets, you can easily feel why Busan attracts people from everywhere.


▲ Jagalchi Fish market, Gukje Market and Kkangtong market are all within the city center and you can seriously put your negotiation skills to the test. 

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Price What is included

Gyeongju Live Tour

US$10.00 /person
  • Live Streaming - Interaction with Host (60 mins)
  • Learn about UNESCO heritage all around Gyeongju
  • Enjoy a night walk at the Donggung Palace
  • Check out what is trending at the Hwangridangil

Busan Live Tour

US$10.00 /person
  • Live Streaming - Interaction with Host (60 mins)
  • Learn about hip and trendy places at Haeundae beach
  • Enjoy the view of the suspension bridge Gwangan Bridge
  • Go through all the famous traditional markets in Busan
  • After the booking is completed, we will send a confirmation voucher with the instruction on how to join the Live Streaming.
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  • Intro: meet our hosts
  • General Information: Where is Busan?
  • Walking Tour starts!
  • Haeundae area: the most famous beach in Korea
  • The coastal railway became the newest and hottest attraction.
  •  Old and reformed ‘moon village.’
  • Market, market, market, and market
  • It’s your turn to search for your K-pop idol or actors from Busan
  • Participate and have a chance to win amazing Prizes!!



  • Intro: meet our hosts
  • General Information: Where is Gyeongju?
  • Walking Tour starts!
  • Bulguksa Temple: The most popular temple in Korea
  • UNESCO sites: Royal Tombs Complex, Cheomseongdae Observatory
  • Hwangridan Road: the latest trend in Gyeongju is here
  • Gyeongju after sunset
  • It’s time for you to search for more treasures in Gyeongju
  • Participate and have a chance to win amazing Prizes!!

** Times may vary depending on the live streaming situation.


  • Haeundae beach
  • Gwangan Bridge
  • Jagalchi Fish market
  • Gukje market
  • Kkangtong market
  • Daereungwon Tomb Complex (UNESCO)
  • Hwangnidan-gil 
  • Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond 
  • Bulkuksa Temple 
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