Live Streaming – Enter the world of Gyeongju: Tradition and Modernity

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A new Live Stream hosted by KoreaTravelEasy! This time we will bring you to the Golden City, Beautiful Gyeongju.

Have you heard about the city of gold? Let’s explore the ancient capital of the Shilla Dynasty with two of our new hosts. We are back in a brand new studio, with new hosts, new activities, and new events for you. Traditional, Modern, and Trendy. Gyeongju is home to some of the most important UNESCO sites in South Korea. Don’t wait and immerse yourself in this new Live Streaming tour with us! 

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- June 13, Sun: 20:00 PM KST
- June 20, Sun: 12:00 PM(noon) / 20:00 PM KST
- June 21, Mon: 12:00 PM(noon)
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Ready to travel with us? 

Four reasons to join us on this trip: 
  • Immerse yourself in the beautiful city of Gyeongju, the museum without walls.
  • Join us on a “unique experience”, at the Bulguksa Temple and also learn how to make a traditional Korean gift wrapping (Bojagi). 
  • Interact with our hosts live: prepare questions and feel free to chat with us.
  • Last but not least, don’t miss the opportunity to win many special prizes.
Get to know our MCs 


Travel with us to these places…

▲ Did you know that in Gyeongju you can find 3 UNESCO historical sites? Let’s discover some of them together.

▲Who told that history is boring? Gyeongju is one of the trendiest Instagrammable spots.  

At Hwangridan-gil, you will get to enjoy both tradition and modernity!

Interact with us during the live stream… 

What do you need to prepare for the live class? 

– 1 Piece of square of fabric (Size:35-40cm)

– 1 Jar in plastic or glass (Size: H:5-10cm W:10-15cm)

– 1 Mini Hair Band 

*Fabric can be any material but we suggest silk-like fabric or linen. 

Bojagi 준비물Gyeongju Bojagi 1 Gyeongju Bojagi 2

Learn how to make your ‘POJAGI’ live with our host! 

Do you know Bojagi? 

Back in the days, Koreans used to use leftover Hanbok (Korean Traditional Clothes) fabric for Bojagi.

Usually a square fabric, cotton or silk, and decorated with embroidery, Koreans use them to wrap anything from presents to kimchi Tupperware.

Be one of the few lucky ones to join us inside the most sacred place in Bulguksa Temple

KoreaTravelEasy got the exclusive to film the “Daeung-jeon Hall” not open to the public to film their temple stay program.

The temple is classified as Historic and Scenic Site No. 1 by the South Korean government and in 1995, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Event – special gifts delivered from KoreaTravelEasy 

Gyeongju Live Prize

GyeongBuk WITH koreatraveleasy

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Price What is included

Gyeongju Live Tour

US$20.00 US$2.00 /person
  • Live Streaming - Interaction with Host (60 mins)
  • Learn How to create a traditional Korean Gist Wrapping 'Bojagi'
  • Bulguksa Temple most sacred place exclusively filmed by KoreaTravelEasy
  • Chance to get Korean Traditional Prizes!
  • After the booking is completed, we will send a confirmation voucher with the instruction on how to join the Live Streaming.
  • ZOOM software must be installed on your phone or PC before Live Streaming starts and make sure to have an ID, check your sound and mic. 


Live Streaming Schedule


 June 13, Sun: 20:00 PM KST

 June 20, Sun: 12:00 PM(noon) / 20:00 PM KST

 June 21, Mon: 12:00 PM(noon)


  • Intro: meet our hosts
  • Gyeongbuk Information: Where is Gyeongju?
  • Episode 2 of Gyeongbuk starts!
  • Back to the Past: UNESCO sites 
  • Why you can trendy and historic can find in Gyeongju?
  • It's your turn! Try to make your very own Bojagi!
  • Event Time: Don't miss the opportunity to receive amazing prizes!

** Times may vary depending on the live streaming situation.


  • Bomun Lake – 보문호
  • Daereungwon Tomb Complex (UNESCO) – 대릉원
  • Cheomseongdae –  첨성대
  • Hwangnidan-gil – 황리단길
  • Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond – 경주 동궁과 월지
  • Woljeonggyo Bridge – 경주 월정교
  • Bulkuksa Temple – 불국사 (UNESCO)
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  • To participate in Live Stream, you will need an Internet connection and the ability to transfer videos and audio.
  • Remember to double-check your time zone (GMT) schedule compared with Korean (KST) one so you don't miss the class.
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Cancellation Policy

  • 100% refund: 2 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date.
  • No refund: After 5 pm KST 2 business days before the selected date or No show.

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Live Streaming – Enter the world of Gyeongju: Tradition and Modernity

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  1. Iliana Rodríguez

    Il*** R***   Mexico 

  2. St*** S***     

  3. Ilona Alfaro

    Il*** A***     

    This virtual Tour with Tizzy and Jun was Fabulous.They introduced me to a lovely destination Gyeongju and through various videos I acquired an understanding of the culture, food, and important points of interest. Thank you, Gracias, Merci🌸Ilona

  4. Se*** F***   Chile 

  5. Mi*** A***     

    I loved the 1 hour show 🙂 Thank you Tizzy and Jun! I hope to watch other virtual tours in Korea Travel Easy 🙂

  6. Ra*** G***     


    PA*** L***   Mexico 

    I love this online tour to Gyeongju. Now I know more beautiful places in Korea. Our hosts were very dynamic and the videos showed highlights of the places where to go, to stay and eat. Plus the Korean wrapping and the lotus lanterns that I liked. Hope I can be there in the future. Thanks a lot!

  8. Ja*** S***     

    Through Tizzy’s videos and Jun’s commentary, it is apparent that Gyeongju City offers a comfortable blend of modernity mixed in with 1,000 year old Silla history. Especially enjoyed the video about visiting the outdoor 23 kings tombs. Gyeongju has earned its nickname as the museum without walls. Also, much appreciated to Tizzy & Jun for providing answers to viewers’ questions, such as when it is appropriate to prepare gifts for Koreans. Well done, KoreaTravelEasy!

  9. Alicia Luz

    Al*** L***   United States (US) 

    I enjoyed this tour tremendously. I liked learning about different places and the interaction with the tour guides. I like that they were genuine and how they added the comments to support the videos. I also liked how interactive they made the experience. I like the personalities of the guides because they complement each other. I’d like to see more of Jun in the videos, too. Because of videos like this, I am definitely considering South Korea a top travel destination. Thank you for making great content!

  10. Tr*** K***     

    felt like I was really there … but nothing beats feeling the actual climate …. thank you, cant wait for more tours to come.

  11. Yineth Cantor

    Yi*** C***   Colombia 

    Amazing tour thanks Tizzy and Jun

  12. Da*** A***   Indonesia 

  13. Lo*** S***     

  14. Ch*** Y***     

  15. Ch*** Y***     

  16. Yineth Cantor

    Yi*** C***   Colombia 

  17. ps*** c***     

  18. Ke*** B***     

  19. Tang Fook Li Chok Kang

    Ta*** L***   Canada 

  20. Ch*** T***     

  21. Mu*** I***   Indonesia 

  22. ps*** c***     

  23. jo*** r***     

    Such a beautiful place, so rich in culture and history! I highly recommend the tour; it was really interesting and the MCs made it very entertaining

  24. Je*** J***     

  25. La*** C***   Mexico 

    Korea is beautiful and was enchanted but now with this trip I’m in love Gyeongju is mystic 💜

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for the beautiful review~
      I hope to see you on your next journey as well!

  26. PA*** C***   Mexico 

    They showed beautiful places and experiences that invite you to learn more about Korean culture and visit all those places in person. The hosts were very charismatic and entertaining, they made the experience very interesting and fun. I highly recommend it. 👍

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your review. We are glad you enjoyed this live streaming! Hope to see you next time as well

  27. Álvaro G

    Ál*** G***   Spain 

    A great and dynamic way to get a little closer to deep-rooted thousand-year-old Korean culture together with two lovely ambassadors: Tizzy and Jun. So grateful for the whole experience. Keep up the outstanding work 🙂

  28. Be*** B***     


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