Making Korean dessert, Rice cake (Tteok) and Edible Wrapping Cloth Class (Sun)

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One More Trip – A Quality Program chosen by Seoul City Tourism Organization!

In this class, you will be making Korean traditional rice cakes and an edible wrapping cloth with bean paste and rice flour for the rice cake! We also provide recipes that describe how to make rice cakes and bean paste dough, so you will be able to take it home and make it whenever you want! At the end of the class, handmade rose and lemon syrup tea made from edible Korean rose, which is the most popular beverage at ‘One Leaf’, will be offered and also available for purchase. Don’t miss this special opportunity to experience making Korean rice cake and covering it with an edible wrapping cloth!

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Sun: 2 PM
3 hrs
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English, Chinese, Japanese
Minimum pax
2 pax
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7 days
100% refund before 4 days
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6 pax
Meeting location
Workshop near Mia Station
- Rice cake making class
- Ingredients & Recipe
- Basic box package
- Rose & Lemon Tea


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Enjoy this traditional Korean Rice cake making class!

A fantastic class teaching how to make a Korean rice cake dessert and how to wrap it, both according to traditional methods. Participants can not only eat their special Korean-style dessert, but also the wrapping cloth itself!


A traditional Korean wrapping cloth designed for rice cakes can be used as both a decoration and a souvenir similar to sugar cakes. As the main ingredients are rice cake and bean paste, it is edible and can be a distinctive Korean-style dessert gift. There is an old Korean saying that a good-looking rice cake is also good to eat. That’s why we enjoy teaching international visitors all about beautiful Korean-style desserts through traditional rice cakes. To do so, we offer classes designed to give participants an experience of making Korean-style desserts that are good to eat, good to look at, and good for gifts. In fact, your rice cake will be wrapped in the shape of a beautiful and elegant traditional Korean wrapping cloth that is also edible.



  • Make your very own traditional rice cake + edible wrapping cloth!
  • Take home to the recipe so that you can make it anytime anywhere!
  • Share this experience with others while enjoying rose & lemon tea after class.


Introducing “One Leaf”, a flower dessert workshop famous for its handmade beverages and dessert classes!

“One Leaf” is a professional company that specializes in handmade foods and desserts, which are made from natural and healthy ingredients. We use fresh fruits, natural materials and herbs to teach and sell a variety of products such as syrups, jams, fruit herb vinegar, concentrated juices, and others. We are developing and lecturing on various flower desserts that are both visually beautiful and healthy, as well as the use of flowers as materials for rice cakes and baking.




Lesson Price What is included

Traditional Korean Rice cake making class

US$77.90 /person
  • Rice cake making class
  • Ingredients and the recipe to take home
  • Basic box package
  • Rose and Lemon Tea
  • Same price for both adults and children.
  • If you would like to wrap your rice cake with an additional wrapping cloth in order to make it a gift or souvenir, you can purchase one for an extra cost.
  • If this class gets canceled due to lack of participation we will inform you in advance and you will be fully refunded.



20 min


(Introducing the class and instructor, and greetings) 

2hrs 20 min
(Steaming the rice cake, coloring the wrapping cloth dough, forming
the wrapping cloth and making accessories, wrapping the rice cake)
20 min
(Enjoy Edible rose and lemon syrup tea and take photos with your cake)


Workshop Address:  207-2 Mia-dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul

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