Live Streaming – Korea Online experience – Travel with us! (Ep.1 Andong & Mungyeong) (CLOSED)

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Online Experience – K culture experience with KoreaTravelEasy

There are already many K-Pop Star videos and K-Drama reviews that you watch on YouTube. You can watch it anytime for free.

However, there isn’t any place that explains the hidden story of Korean Culture in a depth and fun way. Everybody who is interested in K-Culture is welcome to be part of this online tour!

Stop looking at photo galleries only and enjoy a full Korean online experience with us! We assure you after watching this video you will understand K-culture even more!

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Special for you

Guest who will share with you kindly about Korean culture! 

We are back with the Gyeongbuk-do Online Tour Series! If you missed our live classes in November, don’t lose the chance this time~

We will spend an hour interacting with you on the origin of some local cities that have a rich culture, as well have been used as an inspiration and location for some of the most famous K-pop Music Videos and where lots of K-Dramas were filmed like  “Kingdom” and “Mr. Sunshine”. Through “KoreaTravelEasy” which is famous for its love of Korea altogether with influencer Liv, will join Amy, a Korean sister who will share to you kindly about Korean culture.

Recommended for those who

  • want to travel to Korea in the future 
  • Are you interested in Korea, especially K-Culture.
  • who enjoy watching Korean dramas or have watched at least once!
  • what to have the chance to win amazing prizes 

Online Tour MC (Hosts) Brief Introduction

Guest who will share with you kindly about her experience on behalf of you!




▲ Liv
She is interested and proficient in Korean culture. Especially when it comes to Korean food.

Although, she is a foreigner who has been living in Korea for 4 years,

but stills gets surprised by the gems that you can find in Korea besides Seoul. 

You can feel her warm personality. Perfect~




▲ Amy

She is a Korean who will help Liv to understand this experience better with great attitude and knowledge, she can also share useful tips when you visit these local cities in Korea!

She is a kind of Korean sister(한국 언니) who loves traveling and gives out great information to foreigners!



Tour spot check!



kingdom korea drama king hanbok

▲ Netflix K-dram ‘Kingdom’ Filming location and experience Traditional Hanbok ( Queen Korean traditional costume) 



Buyongdae observatory koreatraveleasy

▲  Check out the history of Andong, the beautiful city of Mask in Korea!



▲ An amazing place is Mr.Sunshine k-drama filming location! 



Mungyeongsaejae-Provincial Park lunch menu

▲ If you are interested in Korean food, You will definitely want to eat it!




▲ BTS ‘Hwayangyeonhwa화양연화) M/V Filling location at Yeongdeok

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Andonf Mungyeong

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Live streaming in Mungyeong

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Live Streaming Schedule


  • Intro
  • Gyeongbuk Information
  • Episode of Gyeongbuk starts!
  • K-drama location of Gyeongbuk
    and etc! please stay tuned!
  • Event
    Random event with the chance of winning prices!

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  • Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park (문경새재오픈세트장- 도립공원)
  • Andong Hahoe Folk Village (안동하회마을)
  • Manhyujeong Pavilion (만휴정)
  • Gyeongjeonghang(경정항)-BTS(Hwayangyeonhwa (화양연화) M/V 
Click the location marker () below for the direction on the google map

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Live Streaming – Korea Online experience – Travel with us! (Ep.1 Andong & Mungyeong) (CLOSED)

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  1. Laura Fuentes

    La*** F***   Colombia 

    I really loved the tour, the two hosts had an amazing chemistry and I really liked the places we went to! 100% Recommended

  2. yu*** v***   Indonesia 

    All good~ a fun virtual tour..i got various information about other places that good to visit apart from Seoul, Busan and Jeju. I also enjoy seeing the interactions between hosts ❤

  3. Ma*** A***   Bolivia 

    A very pleasant experience, thanks💐💖

  4. Mi*** A***   Philippines 

    I enjoyed the virtual tour of Andong & Munyeong a lot. It was an informative virtual tour. I just realize there’s a lot more places you can visit in South Korea outside of Seoul, Jeju and Busan. It made me anticipated to explore more places like Andong & Munyeong for a long stay soon. I love the whole vibe Liv and amy share during the livestream. It was amazing! Will definitely join again next episode 🙂

  5. Ha*** Z***   Indonesia 

    I’m overjoyed to be able to visit Andong Virtual Online. 
    This web tour reveals a wealth of information. 
    I learned a lot about Korean culture, such as masks, Hanbok clothing, seeing traditional Korean locations, watching Korean dramas like Kingdom & Mr. Sunshine, and eating and drinking Korean food.
    It’s a lot of fun and feels like you’re on a real journey to Andong. 
    I am hoping to visit Korea shortly.
    Korean is Beautiful ❤

  6. Ri*** D***   Philippines 

    The experience was a blast! As someone who’s never been to Korea, it is a great privilege for me to join this virtual tour with the lovely and friendly hosts, Amy and Liv. All throughout the tour, I was very happy especially because I love traditional settings and vibes. Also, they answered our questions with enthusiasm so I understand and was able to get more information as well. I wish I could visit Andong one day. 🙂

    나는 행복해요. 그래서 정말 고맙습니다.

  7. Ha*** L***   United States (US) 

    Amy and Liv were great hosts for the virtual tour and their chemistry together made the event really enjoyable. We got to see some areas of Korea that typically aren’t shown and gave me ideas for some great places to visit in the near future. I look forward to seeing more of these virtual tours and it’s a great opportunity for others to see Korea when traveling here is too difficult right now and would recommend participating in the next one.

  8. Ра*** Р***     

    It was nice and I would do it again.

  9. Is*** I***     

    It was a fun and very informative tour! The presentators were really nice and fun too, and overall it was a great experience.

  10. Dominique Salinas

    Do*** S***   United States (US) 

  11. Bh*** S***     

  12. El*** D***     

    The places that we were able to visit were so beautiful, I really liked all of them. There have been a couple of audio problems, it was either very low or completely turned off. I don’t know if it was from my side or not, but still, I enjoyed the tour very much! Thank you!

  13. da*** m***     

  14. Paulina Rendon

    Pa*** R***     

    This was really interesting! Liv and Amy are very nice, I specially enjoyed visiting the drama filming locations and learning about Korean culture.

  15. Ta*** L***     

    The hosts were amazing! I didn’t expect it to be such a vivid experience. I’ve been interested in Korea for a while and this was a way to travel from my country! I loved it, can wait for second episode!!

  16. Sh*** K***     


  17. Djordje Pavlovic

    Dj*** P***     

    Dear, It was a very nice experience, those two ladies were very enthusiastic and pleasant. This whole concept and the opportunity to discover a new culture and places in this difficult period is great. You have my recommendations, I hope to have a possibility to participate in other virtual tours. Eventually, I am sure that someday I will visit Korea, Seoul and meet your amazing people. Until then, greetings from Serbia! Djordje Pavlovic

  18. Ru*** T***     

    It was a nice experience travelling virtually. Atleast I have the idea on what to do, eat & see if ever we are permitted to go to Korea. I really want to see Andong & Mungyeong City. Nice job for the 2 ladies hosting the show. Hoping for the next episode. Thank you!

  19. Ma*** L***   Canada 

    It was fun and informative. Amy and Liv have great chemistry. Looking forward to episode 2.

  20. Fe*** R***   Mexico 

    I really enjoyed this episode, it’s nice to see and learn about this places. I’ll be waiting for the next episode. 😊

  21. Ta*** R***     

    너무 재밌었어요. 감사합니디! it was so funny and interesting. Liv and the “언니” had a great interaction.

  22. An*** M***   Mexico 

    I really enjoyed, it was really funny and Interested. I liked all the dynamics in the tour, in the future, I would like to travel to Korea with Korea travel easy

  23. re*** c***     

    very engaging tour! 🙂 creative to conduct virtual tours during these challenging COVID times…thank you

  24. Beatrice Calascione

    Be*** C***     

    5 stars!

  25. Ri*** K***   Indonesia 

    I really enjoy this virtual tour. Very informative and fun to watch. Hopefully this pandemic will soon be over so i can visit Korea FOR REAL!!! Thanks Liv and Amy

  26. Ol*** P***     

    First, I would like to thank you for the online tour and your effort. I liked that it combined ancient Korean culture and some strokes of Kpop&dramas from nowdays. I’d have liked more footage of the villages and natural sceneries, and even better if some of the footage was live and not recorded. Thank you to both, I really enojed the tour. If I can, I’ll join another one. Andrea (Spain)

  27. So*** G***   Mexico 

    Really nice experience. Thanks a lot for let us travel around Korea at leats trouht the screen. I hope to see Liv again with you guys.

  28. Aurora Galicia

    Au*** G***   Mexico 

    I love the videos of the places, I really like to know about Korea, I thank you for this great experience, I love Korea Travel Easy !!!

  29. Aurora Galicia

    Au*** G***   Mexico 

    I am grateful for having known Korea Travel Easy, I loved the first live of Gyeongsangbuk-do, I love Korea for its culture, for its people, it is an impressive city!..

  30. Myriam Ontiveros

    My*** O***   Mexico 

    Drisfrute mucho esta experiencia, gracias a ustedes aprendí sobre estos lugares interesantes, llenos de increíble historia, comida y una muy bonita cultura. El tiempo se me pasó muy rápido por la forma entretenida y divertida en la cual lo hicieron. Es un projecto muy lindo y espero que nos sigan mostrando y enseñándo más sobre este país tan rico en cultura.

  31. An*** E***     

    Thank you very much, everyone. Thank you for letting me have a really fun experience Thank you very much to the promotors of Liv and Amy for teaching us about Korean culture.I recommend this tour virtual a lot and I will go to Korea soon.🇰🇷❤️

  32. Br*** F***   Mexico 

    The experience was amazing! Really well explained and fun too! Loved the scenery and the stories about the place you shared with us. Definitely waiting for ep. 2! Thank you so much!!!

  33. Myriam Ontiveros

    My*** O***   Mexico 

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