Indoor Animal Theme Park Ticket of Zoolung Zoolung in Time Square Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Gyeongju (Everyday)

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Do you love animals but breaks your heart to see them behind bars?

Zoolung Zoolung is the perfect place for you then! Enjoy wild animals coming from as far as the Amazon or Africa freely walking around you. You can enjoy the hole media art experience that Zoolung Zoolung in SEOUL,  Gyeonggi HANAM, Gyeonggi DONGTAN and GYEONGJU,  has to offer. Do not think about it any more and book your tickets right now! This experience is perfect for friends, couples and families!

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Directly at Zoolung Zoolung
- Zoolung Zoolung Admission Ticket


Zoolung Zoolung: the best place to encounter both nature and Media Art!

Can you believe you can see animals from the Amazon or even Madagascar in one of the biggest shopping malls in Seoul? How about a zoo in a state-of-the-art shopping mall?


Explore beyond Seoul with ZoolungZoolung! Now also available in Gyeonggi Hanam, Gyeonggi Dongtan, and Gyeongju. Dive into more exciting adventures tailored to your itinerary.


Seoul Zoolung Zoolung Indoor Animal Theme Park



Being more than just looking all the cute animals, it’s a place where various characters and fantasy stories are combined. If you look at the latest media interaction art show implemented with the latest IT technology of KOREA, you will realize that Zoolung Zoolung isn’t just a zoo but a “REAL THEME PARK”.


So, it is a great place to take the picture of the day for all SNS used while examining the mystery of animals and the preciousness of life.


Seoul Zoolung Zoolung Indoor Animal Theme Park



Highlights of this “Zoo”:

  • You can see more than 50 species from the Amazon and Africa. (Sloths, tamarin monkeys, capybaras, and more)
  • All the animals are right before your eyes without a fence, being close enough to reach out.
  • This is a perfect place to make your #picoftheday for Instagram. Your friends will be very curious about how you photographed so close to those animals.
  • Located in Times Square, a representative shopping mall in Seoul near Noryangjin Market and Yeouido, adding extra joy to enjoy various foods and attractions at once!
  • Korea’s first and largest indoor hands-on zoo is a popular Korean trend these days.
  • The Pirate Ship concept café in the zoo has a three-story high playground that can be used free of charge as a playground for children.
  • You can also enjoy pizza and pasta baked right at the facilities!



Operating Hours per Day for each branch:



Day Operational Time Last Admission
WEEKDAYS 12:00 pm ~ 20:00 pm 18:30 pm
WEEKENDS 10:30 am ~ 20:30 pm 19:00 pm
HOLIDAYS 10:30 am ~ 20:30 pm 19:00 pm




Gyeonggi-do HANAM:

Day Operational Time Last Admission
WEEKDAYS 12:00 pm ~ 18:00 pm 17:00 pm
WEEKENDS 10:30 am ~ 20:00 pm 18:30 pm
HOLIDAYS 10:30 am ~ 20:00 pm 18:30 pm



Gyeonggi-do DONGTAN:

Day Operational Time Last Admission
WEEKDAYS 11:00 am ~ 19:00 pm 17:30 pm
WEEKENDS 10:30 am ~ 20:00 pm 18:30 pm
HOLIDAYS 10:30 am ~ 20:00 pm 18:30 pm




Day Operational Time Last Admission
WEEKDAYS 11:00 am ~ 17:00 pm 16:00 pm
WEEKENDS 11:00 am ~ 18:00 pm 17:00 pm
HOLIDAYS 11:00 am ~ 18:00 pm 17:00 pm



Closed Days for all branches:

5/8, 5/22, 6/12, 6/26, 7/3, 7/17, 8/21, 9/4, 9/18, 10/16, 11/6, 11/20, 12/4, 12/18



Price/per person What is included
  • Entrance Ticket to Animal Theme Park
Gyeonggi HANAM
Gyeonggi DONGTAN



NOTE: Please check the operational times above.


SEOUL branch:  4th floor of “Times Square Shopping Mall”
English Address: 15 Yeongjung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (Ticket office: 4F / Park Entrance: 5F)
Korean Address: 서울특별시 영등포구 영중로 15 (입장 4증)

Gyeonggi-do HANAM branch:
English Address:  1st floor of 120, Hanamunion-ro, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Korean Address:  경기도 하남시 하남유니온로 120, 1층


Gyeonggi-do DONGTAN branch:
English Address:  3rd floor of 21, Dongtan-daero 5-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Korean Address: 경기도 화성시 동탄대로 5길 21,  3층

Gyeongju branch:
English Address:  3rd floor of 80, EXPO-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Korean Address: 경주시 엑스포로 80 3층

Click the location marker () below for the direction on the google map

Pickup/Meeting Location

Directly at Zoolung Zoolung ticket booth. (please check the branch information)
*Find more details attached to your voucher when you complete your order.

How to book

After login, fill in each option; add items to the cart on the right. You can add multiple items to your cart and pay at once. We accept all major international credit cards and PayPal
You will instantly receive the order receipt by email. The confirmation voucher will be sent to you within 2 business days from booking, subject to availability. If you have not received it yet, please check your SPAM email or MY ACCOUNT page on our website.
Enjoy your activity When redeeming your activity, either print out or show the confirmation voucher email from your mobile device.



  • **Under the revised law on the management of zoos and aquariums, all locations (Gyeongju/Dongtan Lackmong/Yeongdeungpo/Hanam branches) will suspend the sale of animal interaction feed from December 14, 2023 (Thursday).
  • **Additionally, due to the Animal Welfare Act, there will be restrictions on feeding and interacting with animals. Any issues arising from touching animals without the permission of the animal keeper will be the sole responsibility of the individual.
  • The facilities usage time in SEOUL,  Gyeonggi HANAM and Gyeonggi DONGTAN (*excluding GYEONGJU) during weekends & public holidays is limited to 3 hours.
    **Weekdays usage time is unlimited.
  • Children under 11 yrs old must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Infants under 18 months get free admission (passport required).
  • Children between 18 and 36 months old can receive an on-site 30% discount.
    **Please remember to bring a passport
  • The program/event may end upon material exhaustion.
  • For animals' health and field conditions, the program schedule may change.
    **Please check the program/event time on-site
  • Please sign up for experiencing programs on-site.
  • Strollers are not permitted, however, they can be locked up at the entrance.
  • For safety reasons, SEOUL branch may require a waiting time of 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the number of people.
    **A refund for this case will not be granted.
  • You are 100% responsible for the problems that occur when touching the animals without the zookeeper's permission. 

Cancellation Policy

  • 100% refund: 5 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
  • 50% refund: 3 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
    (e.g: if your tickets are on Wednesday, you must contact us by Friday)  
  • No refund: After 5 pm KST 3 business days before the selected date or No show

    *To request a reschedule, please contact us 4 business days (by 5pm KST) before the selected date. 


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