Incheon Newtro Tour – Vintage and Retro Costumes

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What is Newtro?


Newtro is a trend that started a couple of years ago inspired by many popular Korean dramas like Mr. Sunshine! In summary, this Newtro is a reinterpretation of vintage and retro design styles. 


Want to dress like the casts from Mr. Sunshine? Join us on this vintage and retro tour and take Instagram shots at historical sites around Incheon. 

Short Information

Tuesday to Sunday
9 Hours
Tour type
1 Day Tour
English, Chinese, Japanese
Minimum pax
2 pax (until Oct 2021)
4 pax
Meeting location
*Additional charges: Outside of Incheon area.
-Transportation (Door to door)
-English/Chinese/Japanese Speaking Tour Guide
-Meal (Lunch*1Time)


A “NEWTRO” journey begins where the new meets the old.

  • Newtro, vintage and retro design costume rental experience. 
  • Wear period costumes and visit Incheon city’s traditional architectural buildings. 
  • Visit places like the Living History Exhibition Hall, Daebul Hotel, Juyu Park, etc.
  • This tour will also visit Jemulpo Club, the filming location of the Korean Hit Drama “Goblin”.
  • Take amazing photos at an antique black-and-white photo studio.
  • This is a worry-free one-day tour – No need to prepare anything! 

Visit the Living History Exhibition Hall & Daebul Hotel Exhibition Hall in Jung-gu, Incheon




The Living History Exhibition Hall is an exhibition about the history of Incheon since the 1960s. It is a place where you can view old relics and spaces, and feel as if you have traveled back in a time machine. You will be able to revisit historical locations such as Incheon Station, Sanghoe, barbershop, and funeral home.




The first hotel in Korea, ‘Daebul Hotel‘, has been renovated by applying the ‘reconstruction’ method. Reconstruction of the Daebul Hotel was carried out with the preservation of historic facades and inner re-planning and structure replacement. The hotel a Western-style three-story building was built in 1887, due to the lack of lodging facilities for Westerners entering and leaving Incheon Port. The interior space of Daebul Hotel’s guest rooms has an old-fashioned feel that fits the Newtro trend. 


Black-and-white studio photoshoot 

Incheon ITC 1

You can borrow costumes and walk around the streets of Incheon. Enjoy the day with vintage and retro period costumes. You can even enjoy concept photography at the black-and-white photo studio, so make sure to capture the memories of that day in photos. 


Incheon Port – 19th Century Electric Car

(Special Option 20,000KRW/ 20 USD$  per person)

Incheon ITC


This is a tour where you can listen to the story of the Incheon Open Port from a professional guide and take pictures while riding a 19th Century Electric Car through the streets and tourist spots of Incheon. Your guide will drive you and take you there, and you will get off at a tourist spot in the middle of the journey and take a commemorative photo for hidden stories and memories related there.


Due to the characteristic of the open port consisting of uphill and downhill slopes, it will be easier to ride the 19th Century Electric Car. This is a tour where you can enjoy while taking Instagram shots and listening to various stories about history and culture from an Incheon professional guide.


Jemulpo Club – Goblin Filming Location

Incheon ITC Club

We will also be visiting the “Jemulpo Club”, which also appeared in the Korean Wave drama “Goblin”. Jemulpo Gurakbu is a building built in 1901, where it was used as a social gathering place for foreigners living in Incheon, such as the United States, Russia, and Japan. It is a two-story, Western-style brick building with a tin roof and various facilities such as a social classroom, library, billiard table, and restaurant. The exterior of the building is furnished with facilities suitable for social gatherings, such as a tennis court, which was rare at the time.


chinatown incheon Incheon Chinatown, the most famous in Korea. This is the place where most Chinese people lived in the past, and today’s Incheon Chinatown has many Chinese restaurants and exotic streets, and it’s a good place for a date. Dozens of Chinese restaurants, Chinese bakeries, and cafes are in business, and there are many attractions such as Three Kingdoms Mural Street, Jayu Park, and Fairy Tale Village. If you visit on the weekend, you can see the streets full of tourists and long lines in front of the many famous Chinese restaurants.

Jayu Park

Jayu Park

“Juyu Park”, Incheon’s first western-style park, is famous for the statue of “General MacArthur” of the Incheon Landing Operation.


Jayu Park Cafe Street – Insta hotspot “ WKND” Cafe

Jayu Park

While Jayu Park, is a healing space for Incheon residents, a forest road lined with high ground and trees. There are several cafes that have established themselves as hot spots for Koreans these days, and you can see the Incheon Port from the cafe. Visit the WKNG cafe and enjoy the amazing view of Incheon.


Price What is included

Incheon Newtro Tour

(per person)

Original price was: US$140.00.Current price is: US$107.00.

!!Special Event!!

until December 20th 2021

Original price was: US$140.00.Current price is: US$27.00.

  • Pick-up & Drop-off Service (Only in Incheon)
  • Gas & Tol Fee
  • Parking Fee
  • Transportation 
  • Professional Guide 
  • Admission tickets 
  • 1 Lunch Meal

What is not Included

  • (Special Option) 19th Century Electric Car Tour: You can purchase this tour option on the day of your trip for 20,000 KRW / 20 USD$ (per person). 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other personal expenses



  • Please state where you would like to be pick-up and drop-off at Incheon (including Incheon Airport). 
  • Additional charges apply for pick-up and drop-off in areas other than Incheon. 
  • If you prefer a different pickup from Incheon, please fill the Special Request or send an email  (


1) Incheon Newtro Tour : 9 hours Itinerary

9:00 am

Pickup - Incheon Area

9:15 am

Living History Exhibition Hall & Daebul Hotel Exhibition Hall

10:30 am

Vintage and retro design costume rental store

  • Black-and-white studio photoshoot
  • 19th Century Electric Car (Special Option) 
11:30 am

Lunch (Bulgogi Set Meal)

12.30 pm

Jemulpo Club

  • Goblin Filming Location 
1.30 pm


3.30 pm

Juyu Park & Jayu Park

  • Visit Instagram Cafe Hot Spot "WKND"
6.00 pm

Drop-off - Incheon Area

  • Please note that if the special option (19th Century Electric Car) Tour is not selected, the tour will be on foot. 
  • Times may vary depending on traffic and local conditions.
  • Please note that the schedule may change and delayed due to heavy traffic during the festival and especially on holidays.

Want a shorter Incheon tour?


Places we will be visiting in Incheon.

  • Life History Exhibition Hall & Daebul Hotel
  • Jemulpo Club
  • Chinatown
  • Juyu & Jayu Park
Click the location marker () below for the direction on the google map

Pickup/Meeting Location

Pick up Location 

  • We recommend the below as pick-up locations around Incheon. 
  • Please state in the Special Request Box where you would like to be pick-up and drop-off. 

1) Incheon Station

The guide will meet you at the Incheon Station Exit 1

Address: KR 인천광역시 중구 제물량로 269

                 EN 3-1 Bukseong-dong 1-ga, 307-2 Jemullyangno, Jung-gu, Incheon


2) Dongincheon station

The guide will meet you at the Dongincheon station Exit 1

Address: KR 인천광역시 중구 참외전로 121

                 EN 1-1 Inhyeon-dong, 121 Chamoejeonno, Jung-gu, Incheon

*If you prefer a different pickup from Incheon, please fill the Special request or send an email  (
Additional charges apply for pick-up and drop-off in areas other than Incheon (including Incheon Airport). 


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  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of the tour. 
  • The tour will not wait for those who are late or do not show up. 
  • The itinerary is subject to change depending on weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances on the tour date. 
  • Participants under 15 should be accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian. 
  • This tour is free for infants under 3 years old (36 months). *Please inform us if you will be bringing an infant during the trip. 
  • Please inform us if you will be bringing a baby stroller or wheelchair. 
  • Costume rental only includes the costume, for accessories additional payment may be required on-site.

Cancellation Policy

  • 100% refund :  5 business day (by 5pm) before the selected date.
  • 50% refund : 3 business days (by 5pm) before the selected date.
  • No refund :  after 5pm KST 3 business days before the selected date or NO show.


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