K-Tour Top 10 – Live Streaming – Yeosu and Mungyeong with guide Jaewoo Ahn

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We are back Live Walking tour hosted by Guide Live K-tour Top 10!


This time we will discover Yeosu & Mungyeong between Sea and the Mountains


Being a mountainous peninsula, a considerable number of Korea’s peaks and seaside areas make the country’s most beautiful tourist attractions. Mungyeong is home to Korea’s arguably most aesthetic and historical mountain passes while Yeosu is one of Korea’s most beloved harbor cities.


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What is K-tour Top 10? 

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Three reasons to join K-tour Top10 Tours: 
  • Discover some of the most beautiful cities in Korea with this new Live Streaming Tour.
  • Join a “unique experience” all around Korea from the comfort of your house.
  • Interact with our professional guides. Prepare your questions and feel free to chat with them.

Get to know our Guide

Travel with us to these places…
1. Yeosu Live Streaming Tour – BENEFIT OF NATURE

Yeosu is for the ones who are interested in having a proper seaside experience in Korea. The juxtaposition of water and land in this city is simply jaw-dropping. Plus its signature design of seaside urban landscaping, its architectural features are must-sees as well. In addition, the waters of Yeosu have a prominent historical background: the fleet of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, one of the most iconic figures in Korean history, was based in this very city, making the Yi Sun-sin Square and its features a must-visit element of a proper itinerary in Yeosu.


▲ Enjoy the southern coastal line with an archipelago view through a cable car ride.


▲  Camellia trees and Oceanic views mingle and present hiking through the woods. 


▲  Hear the story of the greatest admiral Yi Sun-Shin story unfolding in Yeosu waterfronts. 


2. Mungyeong Live Streaming Tour – STORY OF CALM

Mungyeong Saejae, one of the major mountain passes in route to Hanyang (Capital of Joseon: Seoul’s old name), is once again grabbing people’s attention. The mountain pass in Mungyeong is called Mungyeongsaejae, which has a rather interesting etymology. It literally means the ‘bird peak’ of Mungyeong: as it was such a challenging path to take back in the day, as many people back then traveled on foot, they used to say it is so high and rough that it is even challenging for birds to fly over it, hence was given its name.


▲ The wall that Korean Zombies were climbing in Netflix’s the “Kingdom”. Many scenes are filmed on location at and around Mungyeong Saejae including the outdoor set stage. Surrounded by Baekdu Daegan mountain-systems with nature as its backdrop, many old houses and cultural heritage sites are scattered at Mungyeong.

▲  Spectacular drama set in the open that recreated Sangju Fortress and Gwanghwamun gate.

▲ Hanok stay lodging that emphasizes façade and cozy atmosphere of traditional Korean house, Hanok.

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Yeosu Mungyeong

Oct 17th – 9:30 PM (KST) 
Nov 2nd –  9:30 PM (KST) 
Nov 10th –  9:30 PM (KST) 
Nov 17th –  9:30 PM (KST) 

Oct 26th – 9:30 PM (KST)
Nov 4th – 9:30 PM (KST)
Nov 12th – 9:30 PM (KST)

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Price What is included

Yeosu Live Tour

US$10.00 /person
  • Live Streaming - Interaction with Host (60 mins)
  • Learn about the beautiful city of Yeosu
  • The juxtaposition of water and land in this city
  • Check out mouthwatering cuisine wave hello to you

Mungyeong Live Tour

US$10.00 /person
  • Live Streaming - Interaction with Host (60 mins)
  • Check out important drama and movie filming sites
  • See most aesthetic and historical mountain passes
  • Mouthwatering cuisine wave hello to you
  • After the booking is completed, we will send a confirmation voucher with the instruction on how to join the Live Streaming.
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  • Intro: meet our hosts
  • General Information: Where is Yeosu?
  • Walking Tour starts!
  • Expo Oceanic Park: outdoor activity experiences
  • Odongdo Island: hiking through the woods
  • Admiral Yi Sun Shin and Turtle Boat Square
  • Yeosu Maritime Cable Car
  • Participate and have a chance to win amazing Prizes!!



  • Intro: meet our hosts
  • General Information: Where is Mungyeong?
  • Walking Tour starts!
  • Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park
  • Mungyeong Saejae Open Set: filming site
  • Hwasuheon: Hanok style renovated area
  • Byutdeuneun San: Culture space
  • Participate and have a chance to win amazing Prizes!!

** Times may vary depending on the live streaming situation.


  • Expo Oceanic Park
  • Odongdo Island
  • Jinnamkwan and Admiral Yi, Sun-Shin
  • Yeosu Maritime Cable Car
  • Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park
  • Mungyeong Saejae Open Set
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K-Tour Top 10 – Live Streaming – Yeosu and Mungyeong with guide Jaewoo Ahn

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  1. fr*** c***     

    I got to experience how beautiful Korea is during the pandemic. Since South Korea’s travel bubble has yet to officially open to everyone I got to virtually visit Korea at the comfort of my home with a tour guide! Yes you read that right, your very own tour guide! You will have your virtual tour experience and choose what city to visit anywhere in Korea and interact with your professional tour guide and chat with them. Since I’ve been to Seoul before I chose to visit a new destination in Korea called Yeosu which is a beautiful seaside town famous for their beaches, marinas, and seafood! Together with my professional tour guide Jaewoo we went on a walking tour and visited the Expo Oceanic Park, Odongdo Island, Admiral Yi Sun Shin, Turtle Boat and many more! Such a fun experience I’ll never forget!

  2. Al*** A***   Malaysia 

    Hello! I choose Mungyeong because I don’t know this place. And WOW! After virtual tour this place full of history and the best part is KINGDOM ( you know the zombie movie that run fast!) filming locations is here at Mungyeong Saejae Open Film Set. Recommended for Kdrama/Kmovie lover. So many drama happen here too. Will put in my itinerary. Because only 2 hour plus from Seoul. The missing part of this tour is not showing of city/province specialty food. But overall is good experience for me in this virtual tour.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you! For the special review. We are happy you discover a new place thanks to this virtual tour. We also appreciate your recommendation and suggestion.

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