Discover Seoul Pass – 24/48/72 hours

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Discover Seoul Pass includes free admission up to 55 major attractions in Seoul,  that are so popular among travelers.


Enjoy discount benefits over 150 tourist attractions, including performances, duty-free stores, and more. 


Discover Seoul Pass also has an app service that provides information about the attractions and remaining time on the pass.

*Your pass will be activated for 24/48/72 hours when you visit the first free admission attraction.


24/48/72 hours
Show Mobile Voucher
1 pax
2 days
No refund
- One Discover Seoul Pass Card
- T-money Card (Transportation Card) 
- Free Access up to 55 tourist attractions and discounted admission up to 150 tourist attractions within the limited hours
- Currently, some tourist attractions of [Discover Seoul Pass] are restricted due to coronavirus.
*Tourist announcements in the [Discover Seoul Pass] will be posted on the website ( Please check the website before you visit attractions.

-The business hours or holidays of each attraction may change depending on their internal conditions. We are kindly asking to check the opening hours before visiting.


*** Discover Seoul Pass is temporarily not available From December 2022 ***
(We will re-open it ASAP)


What is the Discover Seoul Pass?

Free Admission and Discount Benefits: You can visit 55 popular tourist attractions for free for 24, 48, and 72 hours and receive an additional discount for up to 150 attractions, shows, and duty-free shops.

Various pass types: The 24/48/72 hours are available as the physical card passes.

Transportation Card (T-money): T-money cards can be used for Buses, subways, and taxis. However, you need to top up the money! 

Free one-time, one-way AREX (Airport Railroad Express Train) ticket: Incheon International Airport <-> Seoul Station (9,000 KRW value)







– Discover all the Free Attractions you can access to => More Information HERE

– How to use Discover Seoul Pass?? => More Information HERE


How to Discover Seoul with your Discover Seoul Pass

  How to book Discover Seoul Pass Card

1. After reserving through Seoul Pass, show your voucher (or mobile voucher) and get a real card

2. Visit the designated attraction within 5 years after purchasing the card

3. This card becomes active immediately and the countdown starts after visiting the first attraction.

4. Show your card to the ticket box at each attraction in exchange for entrance tickets!


 How to use Ttareungi

(Select the desired language and proceed)

1. Download the Ttareungi Application then one the top right-hand corner, select “Non-member” → “Voucher purchase” 

2. From “Classification of vouchers” choose “One day voucher”

3. At “Method of payment”, choose Discover Seoul Pass and insert the QR-code number (The qr-code number is located on the physical card underneath the QR image).

4. After the purchase, dial in the 8-digit number on the bicycle and finish renting.


• How to use AREX?

1. If you have the AREX code on the back: Show your physical Discover Seoul Pass Card to the ticket box of AREX in exchange for the AREX ticket

AREX Ticket 

2. Please enter the issued AREX boarding code (13 digit numbers) at the AREX redeem machine and exchange the physical ticket. 

※ Please note that the Discover Seoul Pass card will be activated from redeeming the AREX boarding pass regardless of boarding the train. 

** For a Recommendation of a 24 or 48 hours Itinerary in Seoul, please refer to the Itinerary section below!

Looking for other options?

– If you don’t want to worry about transportation, book a private car! GO HERE
– Book an around Seoul Area Private Tour! GO HERE
– Kpop Show MTV Show! GO HERE


- Card PASS (24/48/72 Hours)

Price What is included

24 Hours


48 Hous


72 Hous

  • One Discover Seoul Pass Card
  • T-money Card (Transportation Card) 
  • Free access and discounted admission to over 100 tourist attractions within the purchased hours.

**What is not Included

  • Money top-up for T-money card
  • Personal Expenses
  • Meals and drinks
  • Transportation


Recommended Itinerary for 24 hours Pass Card- Save more than 99,000 KRW


Day 1

20:00 PM

N Seoul Tower (10,000 KRW)

Day 2

9:30 AM

Enjoy the Alive Museum (12,000 KRW)
11:00 AM

Visit the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul (4,000 KRW)


12:00 PM Lunch (Tongin Market nearby)
13:00 PM

Rent a Hanbok from Hanboknam (90 mins 10,000 KRW)


14:00 PM

Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace with Hanbok (3,000 KRW)

  • 15:00 Return your Hanbok to Hanboknam
16:00 PM

Experience Figure Museum W (15,000 KRW)


17:30 PM

SM Town Hologram Musical (77,000 KRW)

or Aquarium at the COEX (28,000 KRW)


19:30 PM Relax at the Ohui & Whoo Spa Nonhyun (10% Discounted on Massage and Spa)


Recommended Itinerary for 48 hours Pass Card- Save more than 138,000 KRW


Day 1, Day 2


Same as above Itinerary

Day 3

9:00 AM

Enjoy the Trickeye & Ice Museum (15,000 KRW)
11:00 AM

Lunch (Enjoy Hongdae Area)


12:30 PM MBC World (18,000 KRW)
14:30 PM

For fun visit Museum Kimchikan (5,000 KRW)


16:00 PM To know more Korean History - Leeum Samsung Museum of Art (10,000 KRW)
17:30 PM

Dinner in Itaewon Area (A lot of nice fusion Restaurants)


19:30 PM Fanta-Stick Musical (30% Discounted on tickets)

- If you are worried about transportation for this itinerary, you can simply book our private car + Driver => Go Here

- This literary is just our recommendation! You can always change and make your own itinerary! If you need any help, send us an email!


1. Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 West Desk

• Location: SK Roaming Center located between Gate 9-10 on Level 1

• Operation Hours: 00:00-24:00 24 hours/365 days

Discover Seoul Pass

2.  Incheon International Airport Terminal 2

• Location: Passenger Terminal 2 - SK Roaming Center located between Gate 4-5 on Level 1

※  Pick up location is only available at the east SK roaming center booth (Nearby Gate No. 252~ 253) due to COVID-19.   

• Operation Hours: 24 hours / 365 days


3. Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center 

• Location : 181 Eulji-ro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul (Euljiro 1-ga Station, Exit 5)

• Operation Hours : Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 (Closed on Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok Day)


4. Seoul Tourist Information and Souvenir Shop (Seoul Tourism Plaza)

• Location : 85, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

• Operation Hours : Monday ~ Sunday 09:00~18:00 (New Year, Chuseok off(Korean Thanksgiving day) Off


After login, fill in each option; add items to the cart on the right. You can add multiple items in your cart and pay in one payment. We accept all major international credit cards and Paypal
You will instantly receive the order receipt by email. The confirmation voucher will be sent to you within 2 business days of booking, subject to availability. If you have not received it yet, please check your SPAM email or MY ACCOUNT on our website.
Enjoy your activity When redeeming your activity, print out or show the confirmation voucher email from your mobile device.


**Currently, some tourist attractions of [Discover Seoul Pass] are restricted due to COVID-19.

** Please make sure to check the operating hours of attractions before visiting.

  • Lost passes cannot be refunded or reissued.
  • The transportation card function (T-money) is available for an unlimited amount of time and will not expire.
  • Physical pass: You must present your physical pass at each attraction you visit. If you do not have your pass, you may be denied entry.
  • Please check the opening hours and days before visiting an attraction, as they may be subject to change.
  • Before visiting, please check government policy mandated free admission benefits to royal palaces and art museums, such as Culture Day (last Wednesday of each month (as of 2018)) and age-based free admission (ages 65 and up) to use your pass even more effectively.
  • The Discover Seoul Pass covers general admission to the attractions. Special exhibitions, events, etc. may not always be covered by the Discover Seoul Pass. Please inquire with each attraction for details.
  • Discover Seoul Pass terms of use and affiliated attractions are subject to change without notice.
  • You can find more detailed information HERE
  • We will not take responsibility for any dispute as a result of using the Discover Seoul Pass purchased from a non-authorized vendor.
  • The pass cannot be used if the QR code has been damaged. The pass user is responsible for any issues that arise from damage being done to the QR code.
  • When using a bus or the subway, touch your pass to the card reader located at the bus entrance or subway turnstile.
  • The pass is valid for 5 years from the date of its receipt.
  • Discovery Seoul Pass's affiliated facilities are only available on time
  • One mount is closed due to Coronavirus (from 10th Feb to 31st Mar)
  • Tourist announcements in the [Discover Seoul Pass] will be posted on the website ( Please check the website before you visit attractions.
  • AREX(Airport train) / Ttareungi(Shared bike) / USIM / Traveler's insurance are only available for the duration of the pass.



  • 100% refund: 2 business days (by 5 pm KST) before the selected date
  • No refund: After 5 pm KST 2 business days before the selected date or No show

- No refunds are issued for lost or misplaced passes.
- Refund is not possible for cards that have been used even just once, whether it was for admission to attractions, topping-up transit funds, or boarding public transportation.
- Once the Discover Seoul Pass has been used, it is not possible to obtain a refund, even if public transportation becomes partially inoperable or attractions become closed temporarily.
- If the Discover Seoul Pass was used fraudulently, the card is voided and the user must pay the normal or additional fees according to regulations.

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Discover Seoul Pass – 24/48/72 hours

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