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星期三, 星期六
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- 敬茶礼仪
- 茶食品制作
- 绿茶手足按摩


About the Traditional Korean Tea Institute!





  • 试穿优雅风尚的传统茶礼服饰(traditional costume for tea ceremony)。
  • 体验根据风俗和节气不同而变化的传统茶礼。
  • 直接尝试制作茶礼所需的茶点(Tea food)。
  • 学习韩国的传统礼节(traditional vow)。
  • 在品尝传统茶的同时,还可体验冷水足浴(greentea hand & foot massage),来庆祝(celebrate)您的访韩。
  • 可以将本人制作的茶点装入象征幸运的韩国福袋。


课程价格 包含的内容

Traditional Korean Tea Ceremony

US$46.00 /person
  • 敬茶礼仪
  • 茶食品制作
  • 绿茶手足按摩


传统的韩国茶叶研究所 50 Yulgok-ro 1-gil, Sagan-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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  • 100%退款:在所选日期之前的4个工作日(截止至下午5点)
  • 50%退款:在所选日期之前的3个工作日(截止至下午5点)
  • 不予退款:在选定日期之前3个工作日或未显示的KST下午5点之后


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  1. Lo*** K***     

    An overall good experience learning about the korean tea ritual.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your review!

  2. Se*** S***     

    Was honestly amazing, never had an experience like this before, and I felt like I was inside a old family house being part of their tradition and culture. I really love it a lot

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for you feedback!

  3. Da*** L***   美国 

    We arrived a little late, but were greeted warmly upon arrival. Professor Eun Ju Seo, her daughter and Son-in-Law were very friendly and walked us through different teas and their origins. My Grandma participated in the ceremony, but could not sit down due to bad knees. They found a small bench and she was able to sit comfortably during the whole ceremony. It was a great experience that my family won’t soon forget.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      We really appreciate your wonderful comments and perfect score. We will share your kind words with our Professor Eun Ju Seo. I am delighted to note that your family enjoyed the Tea Ceremony. We look forward to welcoming you back!

  4. Ta*** N***     

    This was such an interesting class. The tea was delicious, I learned about korean history and it was just a very good time!

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      We’re glad to hear that you had a fun. We hope we introduce various culture and history to foreigners. Thank you for your kind words.

  5. Ja*** T***   新加坡 

    I went here together with my friend and it was really an amazing experience. I’ve been living in Korea for about 2 years now and i thought it would be a normal tea ceremony as first but the lady shared with us many things about the history and the proper procedure for the tea ceremony which was really nice. It was also an uplifting atmosphere and i left the place feeling uplifted. Truly an amazing experience and you should try it too 🙂

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are very glad to hear that you enjoy it. We always strive for introducing various programs to experience Korea. We look forward to seeing you again in the future!

  6. Rose Allen

    Ro*** A***   美国 

    Participating in the traditional Korean tea ceremony with professor Eunju Seo was a lovely experience. I enjoyed my time and was able to better understand the Korean culture. Professor Eunju Seo is a professional with over 20 years of experience of showing the traditional Korean culture. The experience combined traditional Korean clothes, food and etiquette. I love the ceremony’s mantra before drinking tea:
    I am precious.
    I am valuable.
    I am treating myself today.
    I was able to relax and fully enjoy my day. I highly recommend this class to anyone traveling around Seoul.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thanks for the awesome review! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear you are satisfied with the programs. We look forward to serving you again.

  7. Maureen Leung

    Ma*** L***   新加坡 

    It was a wonderful experience! Professor Eunju Seo was very friendly and well-prepared for the lesson. She was very patient and always smiling. She is very passionate about Korean culture and the meaning and spirit behind tea ceremony. It was very interesting to learn about the deep and inspirational meaning behind each action and step of the tea ceremony. I felt very calm throughout the ceremony and it was truly a healing experience for me. I was mesmerised be the grace and meaning of the tea ceremony. It is truly a culture to be passed on to many people as possible, from generations to generations. From the lesson, we got to try traditional Korean snack and yellow tea and even get to experience making the snack ourselves. It was very interesting and fun! It was stress-free and I really enjoyed the process. We really appreciate the kind gesture and hospitality we received. Highly recommended! One of my favourite experience! 🙂

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a nice review. Through your detailed review, many people can do indirect experience. It’s only when we receive such positive feedback, do we rest knowing that we have done our jobs well. We will strive to deliver great experiences consistently, please do come again and experience Korean culture more!

  8. lu*** p***   柬埔寨 

    Master Seo have shown us not only the old way of Korean tea ceremony but also the way how Koreans do hosting through tea ceremony.
    I’d recommend this experience to anyone in Seoul!!

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your recommendation and review! Look forward to seeing you again!

  9. Ci*** M***   新加坡 

    The host was very kind and seemed so self-esteem of her job. She was so cool and the traditional Korean house was also nice. We brewed the tea several time and I felt the taste of the tea that changed every time. We also learned about the traditional Korean way to greeting “Jeol”. I could feel various korean traditions and it was a strange and unique experience. Probably I’ll never forget about that experience.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a beautiful review. We’re happy that you could experience and feel Korean culture. Come back and see us soon. Cheers!

  10. Jo*** H***   法国 

    This is classy, as well as very interesting experience. Very good opportunity to understand how Koreans treat their guests.

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Thank you for your kind words! Your review will help for other tourists.:)

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