(CLOSED) Gyeonggi Tourism Organization x KoreaTravelEasy – Gyeonggi-do Supporters! (May 26st ~ June 6th, 2021)

Promotion Valid: May 26, 2021 ~ Jun 6, 2021 (KST)


Want to become a Gyeonggi-do Supporters? 

KoreaTravelEasy is collaborating with the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization and we are happy to announce the Gyeonggi-do Foreign Supporters Program. We will be carrying out various trips all around Gyeonggi-do to explore its hidden gems and we would like to invite you to become the first ambassador of Gyeonggi-do. If you are an influencer or content creator (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), and you are interested in traveling around Gyeonggi-do then hurry up and apply!

Want do you know about Gyeonggi-do? 

Gyeonggi-do consists of 31 cities and counties, which enclose Seoul like a doughnut 🍩 From prehistoric times through Baekje, Goryeo, and Joseon Dynasties. It is home to some of the most charming regions of South Korea. Even today’s leading industries like the IT and auto industry have flourished here. In Gyeonggi-do, the past, present, and future come together.


Experience the 31 hidden gems all around Gyeonggi-do!



Eligibility & Program

Who can apply?

  • 20 foreign residents of Korea (ARC), who love Gyeonggi-do and traveling.
  • Active social media content creators, living in Korea till November 2021.
    *Please note that some travel missions will be conducted on a weekday.
📅Period of activity June 2021 ~ November 2021(6 months)
📍Where  Seoul ↔ Yeoncheon
  *Yeoncheon is nearby Seoul city (1hr~1hr 30mins)
✨Opening Ceremony June 10th (afternoon)
🎯Mission fulfill a total 5 mandatory trips 
✨1st Mandatory Trip between June 14~18 (1 Day Trip)

*Note that attending the opening ceremony & 1st mandatory trip is required to participate in the program.More information about the program will be revealed during the ceremony.



What I will get from joining the program?

  • Official Certificate of Participation.
  • Travel expenses for trips.
  • Mission-based monetary reward. 
  • Free invitations to events and festivals.
  • Ending ceremony, additional prizes, and awards to outstanding supporters.
  • Creative content to be shared on official Gyeonggi Tourism Organization social media channels.

Application Process

What is the application process? 

Step 1

Submit your application by June 6th

Step 2

Potential candidates will be interviewed via Zoom between May 31st ~ June 7th

Step 3

Result announcement

June 8th


Note: the potential candidates will be individually contacted via mail.

 ■ Covid-19: Health & Safety measures

– All participants will be requested to provide information about recent travel history  
– All participants must wear a facial mask at all times 
– Additional guideline will be provided by the staff prior to departure

gyeonggi recruitment

If you have any inquiries

Email: GTOsupporters2021@KoreaTravelEasy.com

Office: +82-10-7574-6474 (Weekdays,10:00-18:00)





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