KBS Music Bank KPOP concert with Gangneung Coffee Festival BUS Tour (Oct 4)-Line up TWICE, Red Velvet, SEVENTEEN and more!

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Gangneung coffee festival will be held in 2019 with kpop concert

 Explore the magnificent coffee streets in Gangneung and enjoy free romantic coffee roast. Gangneung area is a popular place due to Gyongpo Beach, Anmok coffee street and PyeongChang Olympic Games.  In this easy shuttle tour package, We will take you to 3 other different places in Gangneung in 1 day! You can enjoy at Gyeongpo Beach, eat good food at the traditional Gangneung Jung-ang Market, take photos and fabulous coffee at the most loved coffee city. Enjoy this Gangneung tour at a discounted price which covers round-trip bus from Seoul. 

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