KPOP World Festival 2019 in Changwon (Oct 11)-from Seoul,Busan – Line up RED VELVET, MONSTA X, ITZY, TXT, THE BOYS, MOMOLAND and more!

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Changwon kpop world festival 2019 with kpop concert

From Red Velvet, Monsta X, Itzy, Tomorrow X Together, The Boys & Momoland, the 2019 Changwon K-Pop Festival for kpop lovers! Worry about getting to Changwon? KoreaTravelEasy Bus Tour Package has that covered for you!
Also, the departure place is Seoul and Busan two options! Round-trip shuttle bus from Seoul/Busan, Visit the famous place in Changwon city, and concert Entrance Ticket! If you love K-pop dance and songs, definitely love this festival! let’s check more details!

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