Live Streaming – BTS Member Hometown Tour (Jan 18, Feb 1, 8)

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Live Streaming Online Tour – BTS Members Hometown with Zanchi!

Cannot wait to travel again? Why not participate in an online tour with other armies from all around the world? Three appointments, nine hours of live streaming will take you to six different cities and lead you to know more about each BTS members.
English Speaking MCs will interact with you during the live, amazing prizes in up for grabs for who will get more answers during the quizzes.

Short Information

[Time table - KST ]
Jan 18 / Feb TBD / Feb 8
3 hrs
Show mobile Voucher
Tour type
Join in Group
Minimum pax
1 person
Booking due
1 day before
- Check out the event prize details!


[Why you should participate]

  • Be part of a new way to travel: join everyone else globally online from the comfort of your own home.
  • Take the opportunity to explore Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and other cities with a BTS Fan just like you and learn more about your beloved bias together.
  • Try to win amazing prizes, but only if you are able to solve the BTS’ QUIZ during the live stream (see details below).

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How to Win !

We will randomly select 5 lucky buyers to receive the TinyTan Mask, just purchase two Live streaming session (Feb 1 & Feb 8)   

COMPLETED – [Live Tour Schedule & Itinerary]

[FREE]  Jan 18th – Jungkook + Jimin Hometown Tour (Busan)

Looking for a preview of these 3 appointments online tour? No problem! The first Live Streaming will be streamed for free.

When: 🕕 18th January Monday 2:00pm – 6:00pm KST

How:   🎥 Subscribe to Zanchi Youtube Channel 

             Click Here!

            🔔 Turn On the Notification Bell and you will receive a reminder before the Live!!

January 18th Mon – Jungkook + Jimin Hometown Tour (Busan)

2:00 pm
  • Baekyang Elementary School
  • Baekyang Elementary School
  • Mandeok Lego Village
  • Seokbulsa Temple
3:00 pm-4:00 pm Pause 
4:00 pm
  • Hoedong Maru
  • Busan Forest Education Center
  • Seodong Maze Market
  • Dodaepo Beach 
6:00 pm End

** Time & Itinerary may vary depending on the live video situation.

PART 1  – Jungkook Spots

1. Baekyang MIddle School

▲Baekyang Elementary School


2. Baeyang El School

▲Baekyang Elementary School



33 Mandeok Lego Village

▲Mandeok Lego Village


Seokbulsa Temple

▲Seokbulsa Temple


 PART 2 – Jimim Spots

Hoedong Maru

▲ Hoedong Maru


Busan Forest Education Center

▲Busan Forest Education Center


Seodong Maze Market

▲ Seodong Maze Market


Dodaepo Beach 

▲ Dodaepo Beach 


February 1 (cancelled)  Suga & V (Daegu/Geochang) + J-hope Hometown Tour (Gwangju)

10:30 am
  • Dalseong Park
  • Daegu Jeil High School
  • Seomun Market
  • Namsan-dong Tour
  • Gwaeneum Middle School
  • 724 Bus
  • Dongseongno Street
  • Geochang County
12:30 pm-3:30 pm Pause 
3:30 pm
  • Kukje High School
  • Penguin Village
  • 5.18 Democratic Plaza
  • Gwangju Asia Culture Center
4:30 pm End



PART 1 – Suga Spots & V Spots

1. Dolseong Park

▲ Dalseong Park


2. Daegu Jeil Higth School

▲ Daegu Jeil High School


3. Seomun Market

▲ Seomun Market


 Namsandong Instrument Street_Store

▲ Namsan-dong Tour


Gwaeneum MIddle School

▲ Gwaeneum Middle School


724 Bus

▲ 724 Bus

Dongseongno Street

▲ Dongseongno Street


Geochang County

▲ Geochang County


PART 2 – J-hope Spots

1. Kukje High School

▲ Kukje High School


2. Penguin Village

▲ Penguin Village


3. 5.18 Democratic Plaza

▲ 5.18 Democratic Plaza


Gwangju Asia Culture Center

▲ Gwangju Asia Culture Center


February 8 Mon Jin (Gwacheon) + RM (Ilsan)

1:00 pm
  • Gwamun Elementary School
  • Seoul Land
2:30 pm-3:30 pm Pause 
3:30 pm
  • Shinil MIddle School
  • MBC Broadcasting Center
  • SBS Broadcasting Center
  • Ilsan Lake Park
5:00 pm End


Part 1 – Jin Spots

Gwamun Elementary School

▲Gwamun Elementary School


Seoul Land

▲Seoul Land



PART 2 – RM Spots

Shinil MIddle School

▲Shinil MIddle School


MBC Broadcasting Center

▲MBC Broadcasting Center


SBS Broadcasting Center

▲SBS Broadcasting Center


SBS Broadcasting Center

▲Ilsan Lake Park


[QUIZ Time & Amazing Prize]

During the three Live Streaming Tour, a total of seven quizzes will be given to the viewers. 

Win amazing prices! Only for winners that provide the right answer to the Quizzes during the Live Streaming.


How to Participate

Step1. Connect to the Live Streaming Tour on Jan 18, Feb 1 & Feb 8

Step2. Give the right answer during the Quiz Time and win prizes   

Step3. Wait until the end of the Live Steaming Tour to know if you are among the daily winners or if you can still compete for the grand prizes 


The Prizes

1.Daily Prize: Tinytan Mask 

  • After the daily Live Steam Tour, there will be a lucky draw for 10 lucky winners who provide the correct answers to the quiz and will be gifted with a Tinytan mask.

2.Grand Prize: Samsung S21+5G / Hanbok / Shilla Stay Hotel 

  • Samsung S21 + 5G, to those who answered all seven quizzes.
  • Korean traditional hanbok, to those who answered all six quizzes.
  • Shilla Stay Hotel lodging voucher, to those who answered all five quizzes.

[Time Zone- GMT&KST information]

**Live Stream is in KST**

*Please check the Live Stream Tour date and time, to convert to your time zone.

*Remember that the Korean Standard Zone may variate from GMT zone in your area.

**If you need to check the Korean time with your local time, Please Click


Price What is included

Jungkook + Jimin Hometown Tour 
- Live Jan 18 -

  • Online Tour in Busan on YouTube
  • English Speaking MCs commentary

Suga & V + J-hope Hometown Tour 
- Live Feb TBD -

US$20.00 US$2.50/person
  • Online Tour in Daegu, Geochang & Gwangju on Facebook
  • English Speaking MCs commentary

Jin + RM Hometown Tour 
- Live Feb 8 -

US$20.00 US$2.50/person
  • Online Tour in Gwacheon & Ilsan on Facebook
  • English Speaking MCs commentary
[Important Notes]
  • Only Live on Jan 18th is FREE OF CHARGE  and will be streamed on YouTube
  • Live on Feb TBD and 8th need to be purchased and will be streamed on Facebook Live
  • When you proceed with the purchase fill with NAME SHOWED ON TOP OF YOUR FACEBOOK 

How to book

After login, fill in each option; add items to the cart on the right. You can add multiple items in your cart and pay in one payment. We accept all major international credit cards and Paypal
You will instantly receive the order receipt by email. The confirmation voucher will be sent to you within 2 business days of booking, subject to availability. If you have not received it yet, please check your SPAM email or MY ACCOUNT on our website.
Enjoy your activity When redeeming your activity, print out or show the confirmation voucher email from your mobile device.


  • To participate in the Live Stream Tour, you will need an Internet connection and the ability to transfer videos and audio
  • To be able to access the Live Stream Tour on Facebook, you will need to give us your name as on the TOP of your Facebook Page 
  • Remember to double-check your time zone (GMT) schedule compared with Korean(KST) one so you don't miss the Live Stream Tour

Cancellation Policy

  • No refund: non-refundable after purchase 

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Live Streaming – BTS Member Hometown Tour (Jan 18, Feb 1, 8)

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  1. Ma*** L***   Canada 

    Jan 18 tour was lovely but Feb 8 tour from Zanchi8 was choppy, itinerary has been shorten and no explanation in the video. The reason is to become a free YouTube video with sub titles. It’s not about the money but more about the experience

    • KoreaTravelEasy    

      Dear May, thank you so much for your very constructive comment, We are very sorry that the second live streaming was not as satisfying as the first one. We, KoreaTravelEasy will do discuss with our partners, Zanchi8, to make sure to do better quality next time. Again, thank you so much for your valuable feedback and we will try our best to keep improving our service for our customers!

  2. El*** C***     


  3. Athifah Ida Mestika Abd Wahid

    At*** A***   Malaysia 

  4. Ka*** B***   Philippines 


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