2023 Festivals in Korea
2023 Summer Festivals in Korea from Chimaek to Fish and even Fireworks!

Have you ever heard a bout all the Festivals that Korea holds during Summer?   Summer is coming soon and …

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Lotte Duty Free Concert 2023
K-pop 32nd Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 2023

What is the Lotte Duty-Free Family Concert 2023?   Lotte Duty-Free Family Concert is an annual K-pop conc …

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Dream Concert 2023 Kpop Concert in Busan, Korea

Ready for Dream Concert 2023 in Busan?   The 29th Dream Concert is hosted by the Korea Tourism Organizati …

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Seoul Festa 2023
Seoul Festa 2023 KPOP Opening Concert April 30th

What is the Seoul Festa 2023?   This is a cultural and tourism festival representing Seoul, that includes …

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K-Pop Music Shows in Korea Everyday
K-pop Music Shows in Korea every day of the week!

K-Pop Music Shows in Korea Everyday!     When can I see each show?   Monday: Arirang Simply K-p …

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How to use private van service in Korea
How to use our Private Van Service?

Do you need a private tour around Korea?   We at KoreaTravelEasy have the most efficient solution for you …

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learn Hangul in Korea Package
Korean Village: Learn, Enjoy and Experience Korea

What is Hangul?   Hangul (한글) is the official writing system of the Korean language. It was created in th …

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Korean Spring
How to Enjoy Spring Season in Korea? All about Spring Festivals and Cherry Blossoms

Have you ever experiences Spring in Korea?   As you might have already seen, Spring is such an special se …

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Hanbok in Korea
Korean Traditional Costume: Hanbok, Get to Wear a Hanbok Korea (Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Jeonju)

Do you know what a Hanbok is?   A hanbok is a traditional Korean costume (dress) that has been worn for h …

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How to enjoy winter spring summer and fall in Korea
How to enjoy Winter, Spring Summer and Fall in Korea (Seasonal Activities)

How to enjoy the 4 seasons in Korea?   Korea is a country where you can enjoy the 4 seasons of the year w …

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